Four Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

Four Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

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Technology is expected to remain a hot sector for the recruitment market right up to the 2030s, as more and more new positions spring up day by day. Companies are vying with each other to hire the best talent for long-term positions, but are finding it difficult to find suitable candidates willing to work.

Fortunately, our universities are making efforts to get innovators and critical thinkers future-ready with a range of undergraduate and the best remote master’s degree programs that are designed to develop the skills needed to thrive in solving the problems of the 21st century.

The most in-demand tech positions usually have a high salary tag attached to them. To assist you in making the right decisions to choose the right career in technology, we have crafted four of the most in-demand tech posts that are expected to shape technology trends over the coming decades.

Machine learning engineer

This is a perfect choice for those who have a desire to make their career in the fast-moving and exciting computer science industry.

Machine learning engineers are supposed to make use of big data for creating complex algorithms which can be then used to program a machine to carry out tasks just as a human would, for example in a self-driven car or a digital voice assistant.

Image recognition and natural language processing are some of the tools implemented to make the machine work without any human interference.

Aspiring candidates would require either a background in artificial intelligence or computer science with a master’s degree.

User experience Designer

UX designers are employed to address the behind-the-scenes issues of ensuring websites, software or apps meet the consumer habits.

As more and more digital platforms are being utilized in business for selling services and products, the importance of the user end journey has never been so important than ever before.

An undergraduate degree in computer science is essential, while a postgraduate degree is desirable.

Robotics engineer

With technology advancing at a fast pace, there is a huge demand for robotics engineers to constantly analyze, configure and test the prototypes and machines created for the mining and automotive industries among others.

Robotics engineering is a job that demands rational thinking, patience, and skill as it is highly technical.

It is estimated that over the next couple of years, this innovative technology will branch out to help businesses and society function in the field of healthcare.

A master’s degree in robotics will set you up nicely to succeed in this field of robotics engineering.

Data scientist

Data scientist jobs are not new and emerging to the technology industry as other jobs are, but they are hidden gems that are most in-demand by companies even today and will continue to be so.

Organizations and businesses continue to gather more and more data with each passing day, the demand for data scientists has therefore skyrocketed in almost every sector from entertainment to healthcare.

To stand out as a data scientist a relevant postgraduate degree in data science or e-science is required to develop the student’s data and technical skills.