Top 9 Reasons to Install the Macos Monterey

Top 9 Reasons to Install the Macos Monterey

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Once again, Apple has pulled through with a flagship operating system that will succeed the previous macOS Big Sur. The new Monterey macOS has been released and users can install it on their machines to have the latest updates and features that this OS comes with.

Top 9 Reasons to Install the Macos Monterey

Apple made the big release at the WWDC21 keynote with its developer beta version on Mac for testing. Gladly, you can upgrade to macOS Monterey now since the full version has been made available for everyone else. Here are the top 9 reasons to install macOS Monterey.

1. Productivity Enhancements

Productivity is at the top of Apple developer’s to-do list when upgrading operating systems and updating apps. In the Monterey project, Apple did a great job at improving productivity tools such as the Do Not Disturb mode.

Users can customize the notifications and apps that can run when this mode has been activated. Within this feature, there is also a great preference setting you can use that allows you to have multiple Do Not Disturb modes.

The other can be used when you are resting or on vacation to block out work-related notifications.

2. Cutting Edge AI Technology

As you might have predicted, AI played a vital role in improving Apple’s new operating system for Macs. Some cutting-edge AI technology was implemented in bringing the Live Text and Visual Lookup features to life.

When using a Mac device running on Monterey, users have the ability to search for places or items using their camera.

This is a great step to automating your business by using this Monterey feature to discover places from images or new product ideas. You can then grow your AI tools collection according to the specific needs of the business.

3. Compatibility with Apple SharePlay

The new macOS Monterey also has amazing entertainment features such as being compatible with Apple SharePlay. With Big Sur, you could not use a Mac device as a broadcasting device. The changes made on Monterey allow users to play music and movies on their Mac device.

As such, you can use the clear and audible speakers on your Mac to listen to music you’re controlling on an iPhone or iPad.

4. Streamlined Processes

Using macOS Monterey will expose you to a very efficient and streamlined way of working and using this device. The processes have been streamlined to a great extent to also support productivity and a user-friendly experience.  By the way, if you are looking for some tips on how to speed up your slow-running Mac read here.

You can group the most frequented digital marketing tools that you’re using to market your business. Alternatively, you can group other applications on Shortcuts that are used on a daily basis for easier access. Shortcuts help with quicker access to applications you use more frequently.

5. Advanced Facetime Features

One of the most advanced features available on macOS Monterey includes the Facetime features you can use. There are a lot of advancements that have made this video calling app more of a hybrid leaning towards being a videoconferencing tool.

For example, you can share your screen now on Facetime and have more participants on the call. The UI on Monterey has been made much more practical user-friendly as well. All of these features can qualify the use of Facetime in a professional setting as well for short meetings.

6. Universal Control on Different Devices

Another quite interesting feature that macOS delivers is the Universal Control feature, which allows you to use the keyboard and mouse used on the Mac on another Apple Device. This is a huge stride from just simply using an iPad or other Mac as a second screen.

With Universal Control, you can actively use the keyboard and mouse on the other device. This new feature also improves productivity, especially if you need to use multiple devices for work. For example, you can use an iPad as the reference source and the Mac as your working environment.

7. Redesigned Maps App

Maps on macOS Monterey has been completely redesigned to take a futuristic and modern style. It is not a typical mapping tool that helps you get from point A to B but it is more immersive and has very interesting virtual tours.

Some of the largest cities have advanced and latest maps with more details added to the map, such as landmarks instead of just buildings and streets. You can also use Visual Lookup to find locations using an image with the name of that place.

8. Advanced Security and Privacy Features

With all these new features, users might be wondering how safe their data will be. Since macOS Monterey gathers a lot of data to implement these great features, this is a valid concern. Fortunately, Apple took careful consideration to security and privacy because this OS has a very advanced security system.

You can use the hide my email to reduce the risk of your account details being discovered by individuals with malicious intent. Additionally, Monterey has an advanced security system called the Private Relay, which serves as a VPN to protect user data and apps.

9. Augmented Reality Features

The new macOS has the awesome feature powered by Augmented Reality that allows you to recreate a certain place or object in 3D. It works amazingly well and all you have to do is take normal pictures of all the sides of the object or place and augmented reality will do its thing and recreate it.

The level of detail in this feature is amazing because it captures even the smallest details on the pictures. All these details are portrayed beautifully in the 3D rendering of the images.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, macOS is a flagship operating system that is way ahead of its time. The advanced features of this OS have taken it a step further from any operating systems currently available. All these features and the productivity enhancements are worth it for you to make the switch to Monterey.


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