IOS 11 Privacy: No app can use our location 24 hours a day if we don’t allow it

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iOS 11 does not stop us from surprises, some more visible than others, and some with more value than others. This is the case of today’s feature, which allows us to restrict the use of the location by any application of the device with this new operating system iOS 11.

IOS 11 Privacy: How to Restrict Location for 24/7 Without a Permission

Applications like Uber and Waze have received numerous criticisms for forcing users to grant full access to the phone’s location even when the app is not being used. Thanks to this the applications do business using the data of movement of the people to improve the information that offers both users and advertisers.

Restrict Location Access to Apps like Uber, Ola, Waze, etc with iOS 11 Privacy Settings

But this comes to an end with iOS 11 update, because as some users have posted on Twitter, with iOS 11 you can limit access to the location by the apps. It is true that before we could also deactivate the location for each app individually, but involved or eliminate full access to the location or offer full access. A third option has appeared in iOS 11 and is offering access only when we are using it.

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Thanks to this update, the applications that used to take advantage of your movement to do business with it, will be limited to know your location only when you are making use of these applications. Of course, you will have to configure it yourself either when you open the application for the first time, or from the system settings.

Remember that for now, iOS 11 is only available to developers, it is expected that by mid-July is available as a public beta and in September will reach all users officially.

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