iPhone 8, iOS 11 Launch, Sale Key Dates Official Announcement

iPhone 8, iOS 11 Launch, Sale Key Dates Official Announcement

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Apple has finally officially confirmed the keynote in which we should end with all the rumors of the next iPhone. We will pass from a thousand and one bets to the definitive, the device of which we will speak for many months since we begin to know its details.

So to know all that well, let’s put answers to all the questions that come up now that we have finally activated the countdown to the next Apple event.


And the latest rumors say that on the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the first iPhone, the apple bite company will throw the house out the window and introduce three new smartphones they are iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8.

iPhone 8, iOS 11 Launch, Sale Key Dates

  • What day and time is the keynote? 
    On Tuesday, September 12, at 10:30 hours in Hyderabad time as per the time conversion.
  • Where is it going to be celebrated? 
    For the first time, it will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater. It is the auditorium built inside the new Apple Park, with the main room below ground and a glass reception that has the world’s largest carbon fiber roof. It will be the first time that the press will be coming inside the new Apple Campus.
  • How long will it last? 
    Usually, an Apple keynote usually lasts between 75 and 120 minutes.
  • What are they going to present?
    Everything indicates that they will present the new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, as well as a new iPhone model with that design without frames that we have mentioned so much in the rumors. The media have called it ‘iPhone 8’, although we do not know what name is finally going to give. We will also have a third generation Apple Watch with LTE and an Apple TV with 4K resolutions.

Take a Look at the ‘Confirmed’ iPhone 8 Design

  • Can there be any surprises? 
    Always! But this time it seems that what we just said in the previous answer is all tied up. There are no rumors of other products or services, although that Apple TV 4K may lead to the news on iTunes.
  • Will iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra, TVOS 11 and watchOS 4 be launched? 
    No, but surely the official release date of all those systems will be announced. What we are going to have surely is the beta Golden Master of all those systems during the keynote. It will be the last previous version with all the bugs polished before the official release.

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  • Is there anything left in the grid of rumors that will not be released in this keynote? 
    Yes, there will be pending products to launch, but they are not rumors but we speak of devices confirmed in the WWDC17. They are the Speaker HomePod and iMac Pro, which is pending a launch by the end of the year. We also know that sometime next year we will have a new modular model of the Mac Pro.
  • Will we know the launch date of the new iPhone? 
    Yes, but right now we can not confirm which countries are going to pitch sooner or later. But before October we should see it launched at least in the United States and other big markets like China.
  • Will there be live streaming of the keynote? 
    With great security. Apple has been broadcasting live events for many years through its official website. 

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