Amazing Things you did not know that your iPhone home button could do

iPhone Home Button
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Before the new iPhone 8 ends with it, we discover how to get more out of your iPhone with some tips and tricks for the home button. Discover the “triple click”, force the reboot or restore your mobile simply with the iconic iPhone start button.

iPhone Home Button Tips and Tricks

1. The home button, that great unknown

It is one of the most characteristic elements of all generations of iPhone, and although there are many voices that indicate that Apple could do without it in the next iPhone 8, the reality is that the iPhone home button has many more utilities than you might think. Below we tell you some features and tricks of the home button that surely, despite the fact that you have been an iPhone user for years, yet you do not know.

2. Reachability

This feature of the home button of the iPhone covers a need appeared after the presentation of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the abandonment of the screen 4 inches caused that we can continue driving our iPhone with one hand as before has become much more complicated. Not only because of the larger size of the device itself, but also because of the physical impossibility of being bale to reach all the ends of the screen with the thumb.

To solve this, Apple added the “Reachability” function to iOS that shifted the entire contents of the screen to the lower half, an option that is enabled by default and that is activated and deactivated with two slight touches (not pulsations) to the home button. It is an easy function to activate involuntarily, so if you do not use it regularly you can disable it from the Accessibility options as you can see in the image below.


3. Quick access to Apple Pay

As you know the Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment system. If you are one of its users, then this trick will really help you to access the payment interface of Apple Pay with the iPhone locked. If you press the home button twice, the Apple Pay interface is shown on your device.

This way you will not have to unlock your iPhone and look for the wallet application when you want to pay with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is presently only available in the US and UK. Unless your device is set to one of those regions, you will not see the option to add cards.

You can also only add supported cards from participating banks or stores within those countries.

4. Adjust the Click Speed

Options such as the one we just saw paying Apple Pay from the lock screen, or access to the multitasking, are activated by repeatedly pressing the home button. If you sometimes notice that your iPhone does not pay much attention to you when trying to access these options, it is likely that the click speed of the home button will be very high or low for you.

If this is your case, you may want to know that you can change the speed of the start button click from the iOS accessibility settings.

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5. SIRI on iPhone Home Button

While we are grateful for Apple’s efforts to turn the SIRI voice assistant into something more than just fun to tell jokes, the reality is its degree of penetration and actual use is more than discreet. To access SIRI you simply have to press the home button, something that also happens to default with the iPhone unlocked.

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If you are tired of SIRI being unintentionally activated while you carry the phone in the pocket, you can deactivate SIRI with the locked phone as follows. And if you want the SIRI voice assistant to disappear and return to voice control for a lifetime, just go to the Settings menu and select SIRI. Once inside it deactivates the first of the options and confirms “Deactivate SIRI” in the popup menu.

6. Double click to Triple click

Did you know that you can activate actions by pressing the start button three times in a row? It is very simple, for it enters the Settings menu > General > Accessibility and look for the option “Accessibility Shortcut”.

You can assign several options to the triple click of the iPhone home button. Some of them are really very useful and surely you may not know till now:

  • Voiceover: Activates the screen reader, a tool that vocalises all interactions with the screen.
  • Invert Colours: Maximum visibility mode that activates the colour negative of the screen, perfect for outdoors.
  • Colour Filters: Black and White screen.
  • Reduce White Point: Decrease by one point the intensity level of white colour, perfect for night reading.
  • Zoom: Enable or disable zoom mode, one of the great unknowns for Apple users and one of the best tricks for iPhone, double-tab three fingers on the screen and find out.
  • Switch control: Initiates the control by button, a complex mode of operation that allows controlling the iPhone with one or several buttons. You have more information about its operation and configuration in the official Apple documentation.
  • AssistiveTouch: Activate the digital version of the home button, with advanced features, it is ideal for those old iPhone to which the start button starts failing.

7. Thumb the RAM

This is undoubtedly one of the best tricks you can do with the iPhone start button or the home button as it allows you to instantly accelerate the performance of your iPhone by releasing the RAM.

Putting it into practice is very simple, just keep pressing the on/off button until the on-screen slider appears. Then press and hold the home button until the initial application screen reappears.

8. Force Restart

If your iPhone becomes unstable and does not respond, something that can happen if you have not turned it off for a long time, you can force the terminal to restart without going through the shutdown screen, since the on/off button may have become unusable if the iPhone has become unstable.

To do this, press the start button and the power on/off button simultaneously for a few seconds, until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears. We are sure that this forced reboot with solving the problems and your iPhone will work as usual.

These are the 8 tricks that you may or may not know that your iPhone home button could do. I hope this article helps you to know more about iPhone functions and shortcuts. If you have any queries or if you know any other tips and tricks about iPhone, let us know in the below comments.

If you have any questions to know about iPhone, ask us in the below comments, we will do required research and write an article regarding your query.

Which iPhone home button trick do you use more?