Is the Canon G7X Good for Vlogging in 2021 or Not?

Is the Canon G7X Good for Vlogging in 2021 or Not?

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Over the years, Canon Powershot G7 has been one of the hottest cameras in the market today. Sure, there are better cameras in the market today. But the demand for Powershot G7x has skyrocketed ever since all the popular vloggers and YouTubers recommended it to their followers. It is so popular because its user-friendly features and excellent video quality are ideal for vlogging.

Therefore, every up-and-coming YouTuber or vlogger who can’t have the luxury of purchasing a 4K camera (or even an expert who doesn’t want to lug along heavy equipment) can opt for this option instead and still get excellent results. Let’s take a look at what features and benefits it brings to the table and whether (or not) Canon G7X vlogging camera is a good investment in 2021. 

Note: If you don’t want to read through the entire article, check out the “In A Nutshell” section at the end of the article for a quick look at the pros and cons. 

Camera Brief Overview 

Canon Powershot G7x

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The Powershot G7x comes with a 1-inch BSI-CMOS sensor. The one-inch sensor is even today quite a popular choice across a wide range of compact cameras. The smaller size makes them a highly versatile yet high-performance option at the same time. Such cameras provide good quality images, mainly because they have wide maximum apertures to let plenty of light rays. Besides, the BSI-CMOS sensor makes it highly sensitive to light. Hence, it needs less light to get properly exposed photo, and there’s less background noise. 

Moreover, the camera is capable of shooting HD videos (1080p resolution) at 60 fps. This is not a lot, especially when you consider the modern 4K cameras, but still decent enough to fulfill the needs of an up-and-coming YouTuber. What’s more, the camera provides a flip screen and stabilization features which come in really handy when you are on the move. The picture remains steady without much effort on your part. 

However, our one major disappointment is that there is no external mic port. While the built-in microphone does its job fairly well, it’s not usually the best solution for recording dialogue or audio when you are shooting. An external mic input would have elevated this camera’s position among the best cameras. Anyway, if you want to go for this model, keep in mind that you will have to sync audio to the video like the old times.  

Is the Canon PowerShot G7X a Good Camera option for Vlogging? 

When it comes to vlogging, the camera is capable of recording at a max resolution of 1080p @60fps. It can also take 20.2-megapixel pictures. Sure, it meant a lot when the camera was first released in  September 2014. Still, most modern cameras can record and take photographs at a much better resolution and frame rate. Besides, higher picture pixels don’t really matter when it comes to video. So, why even consider an old camera? 

The reason is simple. This camera offers a combination of features and utilities that some modern cameras don’t. For instance, a compact build. The Canon PowerShot G7x is the kind of compact point-and-shoot camera that most professionals prefer to take along on their travels when they don’t want bulky equipment. Do you think it’s easy to convince a pro photographer not to take their DLS camera, multiple lenses, battery grip, dozen filters, and a tripod on a family trip?

Therefore, this camera comes in handy for people who want to sacrifice the versatility of modern cameras for the ease and comfort of this camera. As for the quality, you get sharp colors, image details, fast aperture, a decent zoom, and low light performance. Moreover, a built-in flash and manual controls elevate this camera to the professional level, even if it’s a very compact model. That’s why all the photographers, vloggers, and YouTubers just love it. 

Moreover, the finishing of this camera is also fantastic. It’s very sleek and looks clean in your hands. Even better than the pictures. 

Now that we have established that the Canon PowerShot G7x is a good camera, it brings us to the question: Is Canon G7X good for vlogging? We will answer this question in the following section. 

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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II 20.1MP Digital Camera Bundle Kit
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Is the Canon PowerShot G7X Camera Good for Vlogging? – In-depth Analysis

Of course, the Canon Powershot G7x is a very decent option for vlogging. Especially for beginners who don’t want to splurge on a 4K camera. This camera is capable of recording fantastic quality videos and stills. But, what really makes it an excellent vlogging camera is a combination of features which we will discuss below. 

At the same time, we have noticed two significant disadvantages to using this camera for vlogging. Luckily there is a workaround for both of these downsides. We will be discussing them all at the end of this article to make everything clear. For now, let’s look at the positives – features that make this camera a good investment for vloggers and YouTubers

Video Quality and Dimensions

First, with Powershot G7X, you are able to record DSLR quality videos – because of the manual mode – without having to overburden yourself with the weight of accessories. This is one major advantage that makes your investment a sound one as a vlogger. It’s like fitting a DSLR in your pocket. 

You can take it out anytime you want. Stop in the middle of the road when you see a beautiful sight, take pictures without setting up the equipment, and off you go your way within 5 minutes. No waste of time or effort! 

With the help of its manual exposure mode, you can get your required results while taking high-quality images. This is what an everyday vlogger wants: to get the best quality possible for less weight and less money spent. It’s a sweet spot of the combination of power, performance, and portability.

Autofocus, Touchscreen, and Flip Screen

Furthermore, its compact dimensions and good quality aren’t the only advantages vloggers can avail of it. There are 3 additional features that add even more value to this investment. These are autofocus mechanism, touch screen capability, and flip-screen feature. Each of these features is useful on its own, but when combined, they add another feather in the cap of this vlog-friendly gadget. 

For example, touchscreen means easy navigation. You can navigate quickly through all the menus, thanks to a highly responsive touchscreen. And that’s not all. It also allows you to set a focus point while recording a video. Simply touch that spot on the screen, and the camera will focus that point, giving you more precise shots of what you want to shoot. When you combine this feature with flip screen functionality, you can ensure that you are always focused on the camera while recording. Incredible, isn’t it? 

Don’t want to use the touch screen? No problem. You can use the buttons on the back of the camera to access all the features without any problem. Another feature we really love about this camera is its autofocus touchscreen. Simply press the touch screen, and the camera autofocuses on where you want to focus. 

The flip screen is also solid. It doesn’t feel or look fragile. On the other hand, it is very rigid and holds its position firmly. What’s more, it also makes tracking yourself easy. Simply flip it forward and center yourself conveniently. The screen auto-orienting itself, and it’s also very snappy when it does so. It has 31 AF points making the autofocus highly precise.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera with Wi-Fi and 4.2X Optical Zoom (Black) + Pixibytes Pro Bundle

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera with Wi-Fi

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Automatic and Manual Mode

This camera is friendly for beginners as well as experts. Beginners can opt for the auto mode, where all the settings are calibrated automatically. And if you are an expert, you can also use the G7X in fully manual mode. In the manual mode, you can select your own lens aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to get whatever results you want for your videos. Not to mention, its low light performance is much better than most compact handheld cameras. As we already discussed, the 1 inches CMOS sensor really shines in high ISOs, making it possible for you to achieve much cleaner videos. That’s why it’s one camera we highly recommend for anyone who intends to shoot a lot of night videos. 

Optical Image Stabilization

Last but not least, another distinctive feature of G7X is its optical image stabilization. Image stabilization takes a central stage if you intend to shoot a lot of videos while walking or running. As walking is common for vlogging, this feature really comes in handy. You can walk around the hilly terrain without your video feeling too shaky. Hence you get much smoother results. 

So the answer to the question posed in the title is, definitely. Canon Powershot G7X is an excellent camera for vlogging. Sure there are better options out there, but you won’t get a better value at this price point. That was all about the good qualities of this camera. Let’s take a look now at the two downsides we talked about previously. 

The Disadvantages of the G7X

As we previously discussed, the two main downsides of this camera are low battery performance and a lack of an external microphone port. Canon mentions a battery life of approximately 75 minutes of continuous shooting OR 210 stills. That’s well below the average of 2 hours or 311 shots you can get with most large sensor compact cameras. Therefore, you will need to invest in a second battery if you intend to use it for long hours. So, canon PowerShot G7X battery life is our major disappointment. 

Secondly, the lack of an external mic port is a big shame. Although there is a built-in mic, the Canon PowerShot G7x sound quality is just as low as its competitors. We have seen worse built-in mics, though. If you want to improve your audio quality, you need to get a portable audio recorder and then connect it with the camera. 

Another option is to use a lavalier mic. Simply connect it with your smartphone and record audio with it as you are recording the video. You can later sync the audio and video. This method can be a little too much work, though. However, if you don’t care about the audio quality because you will be replacing it with some background music anyway, just like most bloggers, then there’s no cause for concern. 

Third, unfortunately, the highest video resolution it can record at is 1080p @60. What that means is, there is no 4K option. So, you cannot record at a higher resolution. While pro YouTubers and vloggers are slowly moving to 4K, not everyone needs it, though. Depending on your pockets, 4K may not be worth it anyway. 


We hope you liked our canon PowerShot g7x review. While Canon has also released upgraded versions of this camera, i.e., The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III and Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II, the original Powershot G7X has maintained its popularity among vloggers. After all, it’s an excellent camera for vlogging. That’s because it records very high-quality images and videos, has fast and accurate autofocus, comes with a flip screen, portability, and a dozen other features that make vlogging a really smooth experience. Although its auto mode is more than enough, there’s even a manual mode that gives you more control over the type of content you want to create. Overall, it’s an excellent value for vlogging, and that’s why it has become so popular among YouTubers over the years. That’s all for now. Do let us know what you think about this camera in the comment section below. Adios! 

In a Nutshell

The Good 

  • Excellent quality video and photos
  • Flip Screen feature
  • Very lightweight and compact, and pocketable
  • Touchscreen 
  • Auto and Manual modes for better control
  • Excellent Image Stabilization

The Bad 

  • There’s no external mic port
  • Weak battery life
  • No 4K 
  • Expensive