Is it Possible to Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile?

Check Who View my Facebook Profile
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It is undoubtedly one of the most repeated questions on the Internet. Users are gossip by nature, at least most, and that follows from the searches we do in Google.

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“Is it possible to know who visits my Facebook profile?” is one of the usual ones and then we will analyze if this is really possible or if it is a scheme with which we get malware and spyware on your computer or your phone mobile.


Is it Possible to Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile?

Just take a look at Google to check the huge amount of links that promise to reveal the identity of who visits our profile or Facebook wall. This is something that has historically been demanded of those responsible for the largest social network in the world, but which at the moment is not in their plans to implement. However, many people take advantage of users who need to have their information.

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No, it is not possible to know who visits my Facebook profile

We are sorry to reveal the surprise in the headline of the paragraph, but the reality is that it is not possible to know who visits our Facebook profile. But we are not going to stay here and we are going to review all the browser extensions, applications, and tricks that we will find on the Internet, but that actually do many things, and none of them related to knowing who has visited your Facebook profile.

Extensions to know who visits your Facebook profile

In Chrome, being the most used browser, we have hundreds of extensions available that promise total control over social networks with the possibility of knowing who visits my profile on Facebook or Twitter. In the best of cases, we will get an extension that does not do what it promises and that sneaks some advertising while we navigate. In the worst case, we will end up with malware on the computer or mobile phone and our personal data at risk.

The problem is that many of these extensions have good scores and ratings, mainly generated by the bots.  Social Profile view notification extension is a clear example that does not do anything, but still has a rating of three and a half stars out of more than 3,000 comments.

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Just look a little more, and read some of the real comments, to find things like “does not work,” “does not work with any of my profiles” or “does not work, please fix it.” And I wonder, what the hell are they going to fix? Please, we have to stop being so incautious about this Internet.

Applications that do not work either

Google Play is infested with applications that let you know who has visited my Facebook profile. One of the first on the list is Profile Stalkers For Facebook and again we find the same way of acting. The description promises to give us key data to gossip about who visits us and other aspects of the profile.

In addition, we also have a rating of four and a half stars over five and more than 80,000 comments. All this obeys again to the attack of the bots or false profiles. If we read the highlighted comments we can see the reality.

“It’s a joke because of the exaggerated publicity load”

“Horrible turned me crazy the cell phone is crap”

“Loss of time and advertising that comes out every 10 seconds”

“Advertising every 5 seconds (literally)”

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“Bad, just advertising and it appears that you have to buy the profile unlocking is …”

As we can see, it is an adware application that gets us the mobile phone with advertising. Also, as we can see in the last comment, it also tries to pay us money to access the special features of profile unlocking.  Another scam and tease.

The InitialChatFriendsList method is also false

If you are very interested in knowing who has seen your Facebook profile, you must have been very informed and have read something about the InitialChatFriendsList method. This method proposes to analyze the source code of the Facebook profile, something that can easily be done from the main browsers, to locate the word “InitialChatFriendsList” in the code.

The number that follows this text string would supposedly be the Facebook ID of the person who recently visited our profile on the social network. The fact is that this is totally false and InitialChatFriendsList refers to the people that appear in the integrated chat on the Facebook page.

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As we can see, there is no way to know who visits your Facebook profile, much less through extensions, applications, or magic tricks that many claims to work perfectly. So, from the next time you feel the need to know this original fact for your life, think twice or you may end up with a computer or mobile infected with malware.

I hope this article will help you to not fall into any extensions and apps scam. If any of your friends are trying any of these apps, share this article with them and let them know that they are in danger of malware.

Would you like to add any other important points or your experiences with us?

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Did you ever try any of these or other Extensions or apps to know who visits your Facebook profile?