The Complete and Only Laptop Maintenance Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Complete and Only Laptop Maintenance Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Midrange laptops typically last anywhere from three to five years. However, you can often increase the lifespan of your laptop by doing regular laptop maintenance and by taking good care of your laptop.

Do you want to learn more about laptop maintenance and other laptop essentials that you need to know? Keep reading this complete guide to laptop maintenance to learn how to take good care of your technology.

Regularly Clean Up Your Hard Drive

One of the easiest ways you can improve your laptop experience and keep it from slowing down over time is to regularly clean up your hard drive.

No matter how often you use your computer, you will have many unused files that take up your storage space on your computer. This can include documents that you have downloaded in the past, old photos that you have forgotten to delete, and more.

To free up memory and to help your computer run faster, you can delete these files. First, you can start in your downloads folder. These often have installer files, downloaded images, and other things that you have forgotten about. By dragging each of these files to the recycling bin and emptying it, you can save a lot of space on your computer.

If you need help clearing space on your Mac, can help!

Clean Your Laptop Screen, Ports, and Keyboard

Next, you need to remember to clean your laptop screen and keyboard. As a laptop user, your laptop can get very dirty, especially if you use them every day for work or school. They can collect tons of dust, oil, and even dead skin cells from this constant use.

If you do not clean your laptop, this can accumulate for years and can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your laptop.

This is one of the reasons to clean your laptop, especially the screen and the keyboard. To make sure you do not damage your laptop, you must use the right tools. Make sure you find tools that are computer-safe to make sure you do not damage your sensitive screen or keyboard.

To clean your laptop screen, you should use an electronic screen wipe to remove any grime from your display. For your keyboard and computer ports, you can use compressed air to safely remove dust, crumbs, and more. This powerful blast of air will clear out the debris without accidentally causing damage to your device.

Invest in High-Quality Protectors

Something else that is necessary for laptop maintenance is investing in high-quality protectors for your computer. Without some type of screen protector or cover for your computer, you may accidentally scratch or break your computer.

First, you need a screen protector. These protect your display from getting scratched or shattered, and they even protect it from smudges from your keyboard or fingers.

Next, you need something to protect the body of your laptop. These can include laptop skins, hardshell snap-on cases, and laptop sleeves. Each of these options comes in a variety of styles and designs and will protect your laptop from light damage and scratches.

Update Operating System

To make sure your laptop is always functioning at its highest capacity, you must update the operating system as part of your regular laptop maintenance. This is one of the most important things you can do to improve the longevity and security of your laptop.

Updating your software will protect your computer from viruses. It will act as a patch for your computer to protect from new threats and to keep your system secure for years to come.

You can easily update a windows computer by going to settings, clicking “Update & Security” and seeing what updates are available. For a Mac computer, you can find updates in the app store to see what new changes are available.

By always installing the latest updates, you will have peak laptop performance power for much longer.

Run Antivirus Scans

Another important part of laptop maintenance that you cannot ignore is running antivirus scans. As was mentioned before, there are always new threats to the security of your computer, including viruses and malware attacks.

To protect yourself and your computer from these issues, you can run antivirus scans each week. These scans will help you detect potentially dangerous viruses and will protect your computer from being compromised.

Back-Up and Organize Your Data

Finally, you need to frequently back up and organize your data. You can never expect when your computer will glitch, crash, or have other issues that can result in data loss. To protect yourself and keep your files safe, you must back up your computer files.

For full backups, you can do this on an external hard drive or the cloud. This will make copies of your valuable data to make sure you never lose it.

Organizing your data will also help you prevent clutter on your computer and will make it easier to find important information on your computer.

Need Help With Laptop Maintenance? We Can Help

Keeping your brand new laptop in good shape does not have to be hard. By following each of these laptop maintenance tips, you will find that your laptop runs more smoothly and lasts longer.

If you need help with laptop maintenance, you can also utilize helpful apps to manage your data and to keep your computer in good shape.

Do you want to learn more about laptop maintenance? We can help! Check out the other articles on our website to learn more about the world of technology and for other tips on technology maintenance.


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