Linkedin Guide for Bloggers/Beginners

Linkedin Guide for Bloggers/Beginners

Today LinkedIn has become a social network where we can develop our personal branding, and connect to the professional in our sector and also we can find a quality job with our requirements. Apart from these benefits, we can use LinkedIn as one of the major social networks to promote our blogs/websites. In this article, I’ll explain what is LinkedIn, how it works and what it does. Let us get into the article.

What is LinkedIn?

The idea of LinkedIn as a social network is founded in the year 2002 but had to wait until 2003 to see its launch online. In just a few years, it has emerged as the leading professional network in the World. The rate of users is increasing day-by-day in this network. This will be one of the major social media platforms for our blog/website promotion.

LinkedIn is a social network that can be used as a professional or as a company to:

  1. Improve your personal brand.
  2. Connect with professionals in your sector.
  3. Make networking with LinkedIn .
  4. Gain visibility on social networks.
  5. Attracting many quality users or traffic to our blog or website.
  6. Getting a qualified work or to improve the work we have today.
  7. To gain visibility and presence, and get companies to hire you.

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Unknown statistics of LinkeIn:

  • LinkedIn was founded on 5 May 2003 and went public on May 19, 2011.
  • Currently, it has more than 400 million users, of which 107 are in the US.
  • In Spain, it is experiencing exponential growth and it already exceeds the figure of almost 7 million.
  • Every second 2 new users use to signup and the average time spent by each user is 17 minutes per month bind.
  • Each month 42 million visitors used to access via mobile.
  • A day is more than 25 million profiles in the third quarter of 2014 the number of profiles seen totalled 28 billion.
  • 1 out of 3 professionals in the world is on LinkedIn.
  • The average number of contacts for each user is 930.
  • 56% of users are men and 44% women.
  • 13% of LinkedIn users do not have an account on Facebook and 59% do not visit Twitter.
  • A large percentage of companies are expecting to have a page on this platform.
  • According to Jobvite, 92% of modern recruiters used to search for new candidates in this social network.

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How does LinkedIn work?

Creating an account on LinkedIn is a very simple process in which we must shape our digital resume, with all the considerations such as; studies, work experience, areas of expertise and knowledge, languages, skills, etc.

If you work in the world of blogging like me, let me tell you that I get more than 5,000 visits to the blog by LinkedIn and is the third social network in importance as far as web traffic is concerned.

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LinkedIn measurements

  • Background image : 1400 x 425 pixels, with formats JPG, PNG and GIF.
  • Profile photo : 400 x 400 pixels.
  • Logo image for pages : 100 x 60 pixels.
  • Image of a page banner for business : 646 x 220 pixels.
  • The header for racing : 974 x 238 pixels.
  • Logo for groups : 100 x 50 pixels.
  • Thumbnail image link : 180 x 110 pixels.
  • Shared image : 360 x 255 pixels.

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What is Social Selling and how to use Linkedin?

The Internet has brought changes in many ways, also in the relationship between a consumer and the company. As we know that there is a lot of competition, we have to beat this market and increase our brand with unique methods and strategies.

In this context, brands should strive to establish a good relationship resulting in the purchase with your prospects, so the companies incorporate online marketing techniques in your business plan, like email marketing or social selling .




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The latter concept is gaining importance and is to prepare a sales strategy using social networks. This seems to be very simple, but every platform has its own characteristics that make them very profitable. If we don’t consider them, even it may affect negatively in the way of business development. Social selling is closely related to the brand image.

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Common Mistakes in social networks

If you do not have a social media strategy, you will be more exposed to significant mistakes when posting. I want to summarise some of them to avoid them as much as possible:

  • Confusing social networks with a sales platform

It may be the biggest mistake and the most worth mentioning. If you throw too much advertising or messages that do not add value to your followers can transmit a contrary image that you have in mind. Remember that social networks are a tool of interaction with your potential customers or those who have grasped very effective because you go to them in an informal setting. Users of these platforms respond very well to branding campaigns, content interest and competitions, but direct selling creates opposite effect.

  • Covering all the platforms simultaneously 

Many companies make this mistake of trying all the social platforms simultaneously. As each of these networks has its own characteristics, we have to think about which platforms makes up a presence. Do not waste your time and efforts in the places where you don’t have any targeted users.

  • Not knowing your target audience

It is very important to know your targeted audience. Other most important things are content, subject and the timings to connect with your targeted audience.

  • Do not have a routine

You must have a schedule of content with you to take routine publication. Otherwise, your users will have the feeling that you have a sparse strategy. It affects the user’s interaction.

  • Not measuring results

You must know the output/results every month of how your strategy advances in social networks and identify those practices that do not work and you can change them accordingly. This will sharpen your campaigns to get the maximum benefit.

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5 keys for why we use LinkedIn to find work

1.Your digital identity is alive

  • And as such, we have to be alive to care for her, like a plant that must be watered and pampered daily through new contacts of interest, influencers or companies to which we can appeal.
  • As we remove the dried leaves for looks, we have to update our profile and our skills.
  • Crediting with updates and publications of interest to our followers and all within the sector in which we operate.
  • Protecting from cold or too much sun and keeping it in an environment that is inhospitable. In the same way, you have to join the groups which suit you and your sector.

2. Success comes with hard work, you then make networking profile

  • It is not about just creating a profile, sit and wait.
  • If you want to succeed you have to work hard. It is very important to attract the users to your profile and let the network know you. Get the contacts and let the doors open to your future employment.
  • A little calm and relaxed in your comfort zone is not an option if you want to succeed.
  • Participate in the social group campaigns which held in your city and anywhere you are interested.

3. The three main products proposals come from LinkedIn users

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4. You have to know how to tell your story to your target

Do not forget that our goal is to find work on LinkedIn so we must focus on the target that best suits our professional profile and our needs. We must make the optimal way we do, or rather what we do best.

5. If you do not tell your story someone will for you

  • The best commercial you can have is your personal brand.
  • You are the best known of your professional strengths and best knows what opportunities may come.

I released two questions related to this point:

  • Why let others speak of us when we are our best ambassadors?
  • Why leave our LinkedIn profile uncompleted or poorly completed so that we throw away our reputation?

5 Tips to make the most of the LinkedIn social network 

1. Post a summary LinkedIn Press

Post a summary with a link to your last post which is very interesting. Because it will easily achieve and double the web traffic that you receive from this network.

Every professional who is in your network of professional contacts will receive a notification with this action so that this content has high visibility.

2. Communicate actively with other professionals

It may surprise you but along with Twitter, the social network is one of my favourite forms of communication and conversation with other industry professionals.

3. Optimise the content of your account on LinkedIn

Remember this, optimising your Linkedin account for SEO, and so when you look on any recruiter, Google will be very interested in showing your LinkedIn page.

4. Participate actively in groups

Very interesting debates are generated in LinkedIn groups, and we have to know like how to use them.

You will have to do the following:

  • Analyse the most interesting groups in your sector.
  • Read and discuss the contents of other professionals.
  • Share interesting content with the group.
  • Participate actively in group discussions.

Daily Estimated time: 30 to 35 minutes.

5. Program your posts and earn time

Today we have great tools like Hootsuite or Buffer that allow us to program our publications for the next few days. By scheduling our posts, you can earn a lot of time. Make sure that you will follow up those posts.

9 Unknown LinkedIn Tools for Business and Professionals you should use

  1. SlideShare
  2. Blink Chat
  3. Buffer
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Sproutsocial
  6. Simplymeasured
  7. Socialmotus
  8. Revive Old Post
  9. Yoono


LinkedIn is the main and most important professional network that currently exists on the Internet. So, it is very important to gain visibility and credibility for any professional and business self-respecting space.

LinkedIn is a social network where you can get a job or improve your job prospects, and a must to improve your personal brand and connect with thousands of professionals in your industry channel.

Now you know what LinkedIn is and how it works , and especially as to start to draw out of this social network.

If you have any personal LinkedIn experiences, share with our readers in below comments.

You can get in touch with me here through LinkedIn.



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