AI Logo Design: Logo Design Has Changed Forever

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In just a few minutes, you can now generate a logo faster and cheaper than you traditionally could when you hired a logo designer. AI is changing everything when it comes to starting a business.

AI Logo Design: Logo Design Has Changed Forever

A lot of people wonder, “Do AI logo makers really work?” How is it possible for a computer to understand your brand and create something as meaningful as a logo?

The truth is, even the best logo makers are only as good as you make them. If you have no grasp of what your brand needs, then your logo is not going to be a powerful representation of your brand.

This blog will cover how AI logo makers work, as well as how AI stacks up against human creatives.

What Are AI Logo Makers?

Before you get too weirded out at the idea of using AI, it’s important to understand that AI (artificially intelligent) logo makers are not actually doing any freewill thinking.

Don’t worry, they won’t take over your company and plot the destruction of mankind. The programs are much more of plug-and-play software that allows you to take the reins on your logo design and guide the outcome.

Rather than shell out thousands of dollars to create a logo, you could design your logo yourself with the help of AI software.

How Do AI Logo Makers Work?

A logo maker tool is going to take the information you put into it and help you come up with some ideas for your logo. You can take those ideas and refine them yourself by changing colors, fonts, design elements, and more.

You can then output the final product for use throughout your branding.

Not all logo maker apps are going to offer the same value.

If you want to give a logo maker a fair chance, you will need to do your design research and use one o the top tools available. If you cut corners in the process, your resulting logo design is going to reflect that.

Pros vs Cons of AI Logo Makers

Nothing is perfect—there are pros and cons to everything. It helps to know what the upsides and downsides are to using AI logo makers.

Lower Pricing

For just a fraction of the price of hiring a designer, you can create a logo with AI design tools. Of course, you aren’t going to get the experience of a graphic designer, but you will have the help of AI and more control over the process when you use a logo maker.

Saving money on your logo during this phase may mean the world to your small business. Down the road, you might consider having a designer give your logo a facelift. But, with a logo design tool, you will have a place where you can get a professional design to start with.

Faster Turn Around Time

When you hire a designer, you will probably wait weeks before you can approve and use your design. A logo maker is going to have your design ready the minute you finalize your choices.

If you are pressed for time, you may not want to wait on a designer to create a logo. It can hold up your launch or marketing if you have to wait on the logo creation process.

You will have a lot more control over the design turnaround time when you use an AI tool.

No Design Expertise

A con to using AI is not having design experience or an understanding of the design process. You are going to have to learn a little bit about how to make a great logo if you want a professional result.

A good AI design tool will hold your hand through the process, but you still have to have an eye for good design and an understanding of what makes a powerful logo.

Some of the things you will need to consider include:

  • What your brand represents
  • What your target audience is going to respond to
  • How color impacts the initial impact of your logo
  • Style options for your logo design
  • How scalable the final design is (able to be recognized small or look good large)

Without experience in design, you may struggle to have a clear vision for what your logo needs to be or what purpose it will serve. If you do some research, you will be able to learn some design basics to help you get started. The right AI tool will also take away some of the guesswork by providing you with workable options.

Dependent on User Interface

Some tools are much harder to use than others when it comes to designing your logo. You are going to be limited by the tool interface. Some tools also have far fewer options for making changes to the suggested logo designs.

In order to get the right logo, you want to pick a tool that is intuitive to use and allows you a lot of freedom in design.

Increased Control

When you use an AI logo design maker, you have full control over your design. If you hire a professional logo designer, you may be limited in how many options you get to see or what style the designer decides to go with.

AI design tools allow you to reconfigure and redesign your logo as many times as you want to. Many AI tools allow you to choose the industry, style preference, font preference, imagery, and color palette before presenting you with a number of logo options. This gives you a lot of direct control over the design process.

Potential to Be Generic

When you use an AI design tool, you could face the pitfall of creating a generic or ill-fitting logo design. Because AI design tools are pulling from a huge database of images, fonts, and colors, you might not get the right fit right away.

However, if you are prepared to put some work into finding the right design, you won’t end up with generic or a poor fit.

It’s important to know your design goals before you start, learn about what good design looks like, and then get a second opinion from people you trust before solidifying your logo design choice.

AI Impact on Logo Design (And Designers)

There is always some concern that technology is going to replace jobs. There is room for both AI design tools and designers in the same space—they just fill different roles.

While a design tool is going to help you get fast and inexpensive results, a designer can still help you refine your brand aesthetic.

Nothing is going to replace the role the designer plays in truly understanding how the audience, your brand, the competition, and your personal style preferences all intersect.

Creativity and Guidance Is Still Needed

Even though you can do a lot of design on your own using technology, you will still need the insight and experience of graphic designers.

These tools do take a little bit of the power out of the hands of the designer. You have options if hiring a designer is just too expensive or will take too long for your needs.

Many brands use these tools hand-in-hand with the guidance of a designer. You can hire a design expert to give you ideas, tighten up your logo design or give your brand a facelift down the road.

The Future of AI Logo Makers

AI logo makers open up a lot of options for brands. They provide freedom for small companies that aren’t interested in spending a huge chunk of their budget on logo design.

The more they are used, the better and better the AI tools get. These tools aren’t actively learning, but more imagery, typefaces, and layout options are going to be built in as they grow in popularity.

With so many startups needing logos and unable to afford designers, AI tools aren’t going away any time soon. They offer great opportunities for logo inspiration and brainstorming.

A logo design maker can even provide a high-res logo that works as a finished product. Business owners can use AI design tools to help clarify what they are going for when working with a graphic designer or web developer.


In the future, we can expect these tools to even be used by design experts who want to help clients create their own mood boards and inspiration as part of the design process. The uses for AI tools are endless when people are creatively looking for ways to harness them.


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