Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords

Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords

Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords

Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords: Longtail Keywords vs Short tail Keywords. When you do your Google Keyword research or when you do your SEO Keyword Research. The example, that we always give about our website. So, People search for the more term business plan. Right? People hold on, we write a business plan. It’s sort of our niche and so the term business is what’s called short-tail keywords. It’s very competitive on Google. It’s nearly impossible for us to rank. But, there are other terms like How to write a business plan for our Gym. That’s what’s called a Long Tail Keyword.Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords

Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords

It’s like one phrase. But that phrase, we mean, there are far fewer pages on the web which are competing for how to write a business plan for a gym. Then, the term plan. Right? So the term Business Plan is very competitive, the term how do I write a business plan for our Gym is much less competitive. Now, of course, there’s less demand for how to write a business plan for a Gym. But, we are able to compete, because we don’t care how much demand there is.

We are not going to see any of the traffic from that. Because, we just cannot compete, like we are not even going to check the top 10 search result. We are not even going to to be the top 10 pages. So, that means, it’s not even tough to top 100. Right? So, you want to weigh vs. you want to know. And, longtail keywords, they are really powerful. Because, you know, if a page gets a lot of links into it and sharing and social sharing things like that, it can be powerful. You can become strong in SEO. And, we can start ranking with our, with the page how to start a business plan. For, how to write a business plan for the Gym.

There’s term business in it. We can start ranking for something, for the shorter tail keyword. As, that little by little exposure, that the page gets it, gets shared, gets links into it like that. So, it’s a better way to get propelled in search results because you can at least target some term. You can at least get some traffic and get started what way for bigger competition and bigger and bigger pages or stronger pages. So, that’s kind of short tail vs. long tail.

One tip: We want to give, let’s say there’s a term business plan. A lot of people, many people, search for something like not Business Plan. But, tutorials for how to tutorial for how to write a business plan ideas. For how to write a business plan tips, for how to write a business plan, you see that. So, sometimes, we don’t even care. Sometimes, we make our title of our blog post or our YouTube Channel Videos something like tips, ideas, strategies for how to write a business plan for something. And, that gives us a chance to rank for all kinds of combinations. How to write business ideas for how to write a business plan tutorial for how to write a business plan for a gym. All those combinations, they will outrank a lot of competition because we just have so many keywords in our space.

And, that’s a way that we boosted our website traffic in search. That’s how we got a boost in search performing YouTube videos, once we started doing that, we started seeing more organic YouTube Discover on Google. Of course, so hard because it’s so competitive that yes, we saw more traffic. But, it’s still not that much. Because, it’s Google Search and ice again, it’s like we are going to break all the records. Google Search is competitive, so it’s difficult.

But, this is long-tail vs. short-tail vs Ultra Long or Exact Match keywords sometimes. Also, another crucial part is you should know how should you think about which Keywords, whether it is a long tail or a short tail or exact match, should you target. By now, we can easily conclude that – Exact Match Keywords are the best to go through. No doubt in that. But, the traffic numbers are more than triple the search volume of the top keyword. This will happen when you got for in-depth keyword research. The most important aspect of all is – when you are just starting in with the blog, you must go for the long-tail keywords initially.

But, another crucial part is that you must optimize your page in a manner that one day or the another, it will start ranking for the shortest possible keywords. For example, if you have SEO tips as the keyword. It is a long-tail keyword. Not extremely long, but since it is a two words phrase, so it is a long-tail keyword. But, the ultimate aim of your web page or blog is to rank for the shortest possible keyword that is SEO.

Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords, still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords vs Exact Match Keywords, please make sure to let us know your exact issue regarding the topic given below.

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