How to Make a Hard Disk Partition on Windows PC/Laptop in 3 Steps

How to Make a Hard Disk Partition on Windows PC/Laptop in 3 Steps

Sometimes it is necessary to make partitions on the hard disk in order to install another operating system on Windows.  In windows, we can do it easily thanks to the tool that comes pre-installed on the system. In this article, I will explain the process on how you can do it in a matter of minutes.


3 Simple Steps to Make a Hard Disk Partition on Windows PC/Laptop

Let us see how we can divide the hard disk into different partitions on Windows PC or Laptop now.

Step 1: Access the Windows Administrative Tools

The first step to partition your hard drive in Windows is to access the tool designed for that purpose. It is an inbuilt tool on the system so that you are not required to install any program. You just have to go to the Control Panel and click on Create and format partitions of the hard disk.

You can find it in the lower area of the screen. In the image that accompanies the first step of this tutorial to create a partition, you can see what it is.





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Step 2: Select the unit you want to make partition

Then a new window will open. It is the tool for managing discs. In it, you can see all the storage devices connected to your PC and their respective partitions.

In our case, we see the main unit C: in which we have Windows installed. In addition, there is another one in which we have installed another operating system and a USB drive.

The normal thing is that if you have only Windows installed on your computer, you have to select C: as the unit from which you have to create a partition. If it serves as a guide: the Windows unit is always in NTFS format.


Step 3: Decrease the size of a partition to create another

For a partition to be created, we must first make room. The most common way to do this is to decrease the size of an existing partition.

Here you must be careful because it is not wise to shrink too much the unit in which you have installed Windows. Unless you over space, try not to create too many partitions on the same hard drive.

The normal thing is that there are at least 400 GB left for the Windows unit. With less can also work, but it is not a good idea since you can end up slowing down the functioning of your PC.

The way to make space to create a partition in Windows is to right click on the C: -or any other unit you have chosen- and click on Encoger or synonym. Then a new window opens in which you must enter the amount of MB you want to release.

As a reference, the number that appears above is the size that C had: before partitioning it. Below, the result you will have when you have done it. As we said, try that the amount is not less than 400,000 MB.

Once you have decided, continue with the process and wait for it to be completed. When you have done so, your partition will appear in green with the Free Space label.

This is how we make hard disk partition on Windows PC or Laptop in 3 simple steps. I hope this article will help you to divide your hard disk into your required drives. If you have any queries regarding any of the above steps, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon possible to solve all your queries.

Would you like to add any other important points? Then write them to us through contact us page.

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