MakeMyTrip Unlimited Cash Trick [Updated for 2021]

MakeMyTrip Unlimited Cash Trick [Updated for 2021]

makemytrip wallet cash

Recently I have shared few free money tricks, such as PayTm unlimited recharge trick and mCent unlimited recharge trick.

And today, I’m back with another unlimited profit trick that will work on This trick will effectively let you earn unlimited money if you follow a couple steps.

Yes, it’s true! You can earn a maximum of Rs.10,000 in MakeMyTrip wallet cash. Follow the below steps to do the unlimited cash trick for yourself.

What is is an Indian travel website founded in 2000. Through the website, you can book flights, find the best deals, and manage a travel account. Within your travel account, you can keep a monetary balance in your MakeMyTrip wallet. Your wallet lets you keep a reserve of money that you could put towards flights and travel arrangements you make through the website!

So, now I’m going to get into the instructions on how to make unlimited cash in your MakeMyTrip wallet. It may take a while and some hard work, but if you are persistent enough it could really add up! Let’s take a look—read on below for the instructions.

 unlimited refer and earn tricks

Get Unlimited Cash – Wallet Trick

Requirements before you do the MakeMyTrip unlimited cash wallet trick:

We require only 3 important things before we go for the trick. Those are as follows.

After having the above requirements in your android smartphone, go to the next steps as follows.

MakeMyTrip Unlimited Cash Wallet – Get Rs.200 Per Refer

Here are the steps to get Rs.200 MakeMyTrip wallet money by referring to your friends – unlimited referral trick. Follow them carefully without any hurry.

Step 1

First of all Download the MakeMyTrip mobile app – Click here to download it.

Step 2

After completing the downloading process, install the MakeMyTrip app.

Step 3

After installation, open the app and then click on Sign Up. Your screen displays as the image shown below:


Step 4

  • To sign up in this app, enter your details like your first name, last name, mobile number, E-mail address, and password. Then click the Sign Up button.
  • After signing up, You will get Rs.100 cashback instantly, deposited directly into your MakeMyTrip wallet.


Step 5

After that, click on the top left button. In that, click on the Earn & Refer option to refer your friend. If anyone downloads the MakeMyTrip app from your referral URL, your account will be credited with the amount of Rs.200. You can view that money in your MakeMyTrip cash wallet.

Step 6

Once the referral program is completed, save your referral link in Notepad or remember the link for further use. Your referral link will be used in the next step!

Steps To Get Unlimited MakeMyTrip Cash Wallet

Here is the main set of steps you have to follow very carefully. Read the steps twice and then implement them. Luckily, the steps are very simple and clear.

Step 1:

First, install App Backup & Restore app from your mobile device.

Step 2:

Take Backup of MakeMyTrip mobile app.

Step 3:

Uninstall MakeMyTrip mobile application from your mobile device. This will sign you out and discard your local signup data from the app.

Step 4:

Again download MakeMyTrip mobile app with your referral link (which you wrote down in the above Step 6).

Step 5:

Now, click on the download option. Cancel download after completing the downloading process minimum 500 Kb.

Step 6:

Open the App Backup & Restore app that you downloaded in Step 1 & restore MakeMyTrip mobile app.

Step 7:

Go to the Google Play Store, where you will see MakeMyTrip App is installed.

Step 8:

After that, open the XPrivacy application. In that, click on the MakeMyTrip application.

Step 9:

Tick on Identification, Phone, shell, Sh, Su, Start, System, Get installed packages as shown in below image:


Step 10:

Click on Menu option > Settings > Randomize Data.


Step 11:

After that, open the MakeMyTrip app from your mobile device & click on the Sign Up option.

Step 12:

  • Enter any alternate mobile number and email address. Don’t worry, there’s no need to verify your mobile number!
  • Now, you will get Rs.200 MakeMyTrip money added directly to your old MakeMyTrip account.
  • To get more and more MakeMyTrip wallet cash, follow this complete process again and again!


  • The maximum limit is Rs.10,000, and you can earn Rs.1300 per day.
  • Create unlimited accounts to earn unlimited money!
  • Download MakeMyTrip old version mobile application to get 100% wallet money – click here.

Is the MakeMyTrip Unlimited Cash Trick Legal?

As of now, there is no legislation that prevents you from carrying out the MakeMyTrip unlimited cash trick. It may be a way to game the system, but in effect, you are simply using its built-in referral system to create more accounts and boost their customer base. Be careful when doing this trick, and keep up-to date on the Terms and Conditions of This will help you make sure that you’re doing the trick without violating any guidelines.

In general, tricks like these are loopholes in the system, and you should always be careful and informed when carrying them out.


So, that’s all we have regarding the MakeMyTrip Unlimited Cash Trick. We updated this article in December, 2020 and it appears that it’s still working!

If you have any questions on this topic let us know in your comments below. If you know any other methods other than these, write them in your valuable comments. Stay with us for more tips and tricks!


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