How To Merge And Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android

How To Merge And Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android

Whenever we save a contact in our Android phone, the system offers several options. Generally, any contact is stored in a SIM card or Phone memory or in your Google Account. Sometimes, you even keep them in more than one place. When we change our mobile, it usually happens to end up storing the information in several places and you do not already know which is the good one. So, in this article, we are going to help you with this issue. You can now easily merge and delete the duplicate contacts on your Android smartphone.
Duplicate Contacts
Saving a Contact in your Google Account is recommended because you may lose your SIM card. These devices have the days counted with the arrival of the eSIM. You may also have more than one account associated with your mobile. If in both accounts you have the same people, you will inevitably get repeated in the agenda.
Though duplicate contacts might not seem a huge deal, they can make us feel inconvenient in apps when communicating with others is involved. This can completely mess up the contacts, making it hard to navigate through contacts. You might end up sending a text to someone’s old number or even messaging the wrong person altogether. With all the apps that want access to your contacts list (both on mobile and elsewhere), duplicates can easily crop up.
Not a problem, you can manually delete each and every duplicate copy of the contacts. In this tutorial, we are going to show you different methods to delete duplicate contacts.

Merge And Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android

From the Phone Contacts:

Many android phones come with built-in contacts merging feature (not all of them). The phone will scan all contacts and asks you to delete all duplicate contacts with similar numbers and email address. For example, you’ve got two contact entries for the same person, one with an email address and one with a mobile number.
Joining Contacts in Contacts App
Now, to link or merge them together, go to the contact edit option, open the three vertical dots button and click Join. In other Android versions, go to Contacts app and tap on the menu button. From the menu, tap on “Merge accounts” and from next prompt tap on “Merge from Google” and click on OK. Now all the contacts with the same name will be merged.
Merging Contacts in Contacts App
This will merge the accounts to get rid of duplicate contacts that were created due to multiple accounts. Most flavours of Android (TouchWiz, Sense and so on), have a similar feature or some other kind of tool for spotting and removing contacts.

From Gmail:

If you like to keep your data backed up, then most probably you have to enable contact syncing with Gmail. Log/sign into your Gmail account, click on Gmail on the top left corner and select “Contacts”. Now you can see all the contacts synced from your phone, Gmail and Google+. Click on the “More” and select “Find & Merge Duplicates…” option.
Contacts Merging - Gmail
Delete-all-duplicate-contacts-through Gmail
Merge Contacts Gmail
Gmail will scan for the duplicate contacts and show you the list. You can uncheck any contact if you want to keep it, otherwise, just click on “Merge” and all your contacts will be merged. Alternatively, you can manually select contacts from the main list using the tick boxes, then merge or delete them using the icons at the top.

A Dedicated App (Merge +):

There are a number of apps on Google Play Store that will let you manage your contacts more easily on Android. In this tutorial, we are going to use the app Merge +. Merge+ helps you easily find & merge duplicate contacts.
Merge +
Duplicates found and Merge
With Merge+, you can join duplicate contacts in your Android phone & Tablet with only three clicks: LAUNCH Merge+ to find duplicate contacts.

  • LAUNCH Merge+ to find duplicate contacts.
  • REVIEW merge suggestions and mark who to merge.
  • MERGE your selected duplicate contacts.

Note: Merge+ can also be found as an integrated feature in Contacts+. Please make sure that you review all duplicates and backup your contacts before activating the merge option.
These are the simple methods to merge and delete the duplicate contacts from your Android smartphone, Gmail account. If you are facing any difficulties while merging and deleting the contacts, let us know in your comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Which method do you use to merge and delete duplicate contacts on Android?


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