Gadgets Every Mobile Gamer Needs

Gadgets Every Mobile Gamer Needs

mobile gaming

With the smartphone becoming an ever-present device most of us would not leave the house without it, it is infiltrating more and more areas of our day-to-day.

Gadgets Every Mobile Gamer Needs

Thanks to continuous technological advancements, it has turned into a miniature high-tech computer that fits in the palm of our hand. It’s no wonder it has become the number-one go-to device to play games anytime anywhere.

More and more gamers dive into the endless worlds of video games on the small screen. No matter if it’s Fortnite, Minecraft, or Clash of Clans – if you play mobile games, you need these three gadgets to lift your gaming experience to a new level.

1. Gaming Phone

This seems rather obvious: to play games on your phone, you’ll need a phone. Which phone you get depends on what kinds of games you play.

The array of games out there seems endless with something for everyone. There is a wide selection of casual games available, which you can easily play on a less powerful phone.

You can find lots of games in the Google and Apple App Stores, such as many of the classics like Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds which will run on any device.

Many games we used to only play in real life can also be played on mobile phones, such as the popular strategy game chess, which is offered on many apps. Other casual games include classic casino games such as slots and table games.




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While you won’t need a particularly powerful smartphone for these classics, you will need one with the right specs to play heavyweights such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Most of the newest flagship phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 or iPhone 12 offer a fluid gaming experience, however, gaming phones such as the Asus ROG Phone or Razer Phone 2 offers features aimed at gamers.

These include 120Hz screens, special gaming modes, active cooling, and hardware features such as shoulder buttons.

2. Gamepad

To really enjoy a game session on the go, a compatible gamepad is a must-have for any mobile gamer.

There is a wide variety of different controllers available which will work with many devices. Which one you get depends on which games you play.

Are you already an Xbox gamer with the console at home? Then you’re in luck because you can use your wireless Xbox controller for your smartphone.

The PlayStation DualShock 4 controller can also easily be used with your Android or iOS phone.

If you don’t have these lying around already, there is also a plethora of other gamepads available.

Gaming giant Razer for instance offers the gaming controller Razer Raiju Mobile, and the Razer Kishi, a universal, Nintendo Switch style controller you can attach to almost any smartphone.

If you’re into retro gaming and love to play those classics on the go, then the 8BITDO SN30 Pro is for you. Inspired by the Nintendo SNES controller it brings retro gaming to your Android phone.

Playing games such as Nintendo’s 2019 Mario Kart Tour will feel just like in the good ol’ times with your retro gamepad.

3. Headphones

With the right headphones or headset, you can fully dive into your favorite games. For your gaming session on the go, it’s recommendable to get wireless headphones to make sure no cable gets in the way.

For anyone playing co-op such as Fortnite or Call of Duty a decent headset is needed to communicate with your teammates.

The Audeze Mobius is one of the best gaming headsets out there. It doesn’t just offer incredibly immersive 3D audio and a good mic, but also a super slick design you won’t be embarrassed to wear in public.

For all the sole riders who prefer to play their games in single-player, headphones with active noise canceling will build immersion. With the Sony WH-1000XM3 you can simply turn the outside world off – even when you’re on a busy bus – and fully dive into your game without any distractions.

If you prefer to go more incognito, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds might be right up your alley.

No matter if you enjoy solving puzzles, racing cars, or fighting your enemies on the go – with just the right equipment you can bring your mobile gaming session to another level and enjoy a fully immersive experience.

With these gadgets, your phone will truly turn into a console.



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