How Monitoring Tools Can be Used as a Reward System

How Monitoring Tools Can be Used as a Reward System

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Companies all over the world follow the practice of employing monitoring solutions but they don’t fully take advantage of it. Almost every organization is using these tools, but they only do it to keep an eye on their employees, when it is capable of doing so much more. Admittedly, the main function of these tools is indeed to keep tabs on the workforce, but that does not mean you cannot be creative with it. Simply keeping an eye on them doesn’t help them, you, or your company in any way, which makes these solutions completely useless. You need to utilize the full potential of monitoring tools by turning them into reward systems. A lot of corporations have done it successfully and are now reaping the benefits from it. However, there are still a lot of companies that have integrated monitoring tools in their workplace but aren’t using them for anything at all. Things need to change for the better, and for that to happen, you need to make use of monitoring solutions in the right manner. What that right manner is and how you can turn these tools into a reward system has been explained below.

How Monitoring Tools Can be Used as a Reward System

Discard Time-Wasters

The first thing you have to do is discard time-wasters. The people who don’t give any attention to the assigned tasks and spend all of their time on social networking platforms and their mobile phones should be penalized for their actions. This kind of behavior is contagious, if you keep letting it go, more and more people would start to waste their time during work hours and subsequently, their output would become low. This would hurt your organization’s overall performance, which just isn’t acceptable. To counter this problem, you will need the help of an SMS tracker. This tool enables you to see what’s happening on your employees’ smartphone and if you see that they are wasting a large chunk of their in the workplace, you should penalize them immediately. This should be done not only done to punish the time-wasters, but to give a lesson to other employees. They need to realize that monitoring solution deployment in the company is no joke. Only then will they take the monitoring tools and their work seriously.

Take Advantage of this Short-Term Fear

When you penalize someone for wasting their time in the workplace two things happen. First, the workforce realizes that you are watching each and every one of their move. Secondly, they come to know that you don’t tolerate time wasters. This short-term fear is good but it won’t last long. This is why it is the best time to strike. You need to announce that you have eyes in the workforce and people who work hard will be rewarded for their effort. This way, all of their fear will turn into motivation and they will start to give more than 100% on their tasks.

Reward System

Now that you have announced a reward for everyone who gives extra output, you will have to stay true to your word. Once you start to reward people who are giving their best, other people will take a lesson and will try to compete with them. With everyone giving their 100%, your company’s performance will improve and you will be able to meet your goals rather easily. Therefore, just by making a minor adjustment to an already available tool, you will be able to gain good standing in the market. If you continue on with this reward system, odds are that things will keep on getting better. However, do keep in mind people can only be motivated for a short period of time and monetary benefits alone can’t do all the work. Verbal and non-verbal gestures are also motivational for the employees. The workforce, in general, wants to be recognized for their work, and if you do that in any way, they’ll be happy with it.

Controlling employees is not an easy thing to do, and you as an employer must know it. They have their own agendas, wishes, goals, and you can’t satisfy all of them. Their loyalty lies with themselves and yours should too. You should be loyal to yourself and your company. If a reward system based on monitoring solution is helping your organization grow, then you should definitely try it out.

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