Most Useful and Best Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

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MacOS is a very versatile operating system and proof of it is the fact that you can interact a lot with it. That’s why, in this post, I’ll teach you the best useful keyboard commands on Mac, so you can get most out of your Mac.

Before we begin, say that these commands are very fast and simple actions that will allow you to get more out of your computer. However, there are some commands that do not work with desktop Macs because they have no backlit keyboard.


Most Useful Best Keyboard Commands on Mac

Here, I’ll show you some of the best keyboard commands on Mac, so that you learn and implement them to save your time and in a quicker and easier way.

First command: Control the volume of your Mac

This first trick is the most useful because in this way you can control the sound intensity of your computer.

When you lower or raise the volume of the computer you see the typical sound bar, but if you want to know the sound intensity, simply press SHIFT + F11 (to decrease) or SHIFT + F12 (to raise). At that time, your Mac will play a sound to know the volume to be played.

With these functions, we will be able to know how much volume we actually want to hear from our Mac.

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Second command: Take screenshots

The second keyboard command of Mac that I am going to teach you in this post serves to realize screenshots. Yes, as you hear making screenshots on Mac is possible with these shortcut keys. First one is COMMAND + SHIFT + 3 to take the screenshot of the whole system screen. COMMAND + SHIFT + F4 command is used to take the screenshot of the required portion of the screen. 

Third command: Launchpad 

Most of us do not know this command and we always go to the desktop screen and there we used to click on the launchpad. But, this command is the simplest of all. Launchpad is the Mac application directory, but if you want to access it immediately you just need to press the F4 key. This will give you the access to all the apps you have installed. 

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Fourth Command: Open iTunes

The fastest way to open iTunes is by pressing the PLAY / PAUSE key (F8). Immediately the window will open with the program ready to be used, without waiting and very fluently.

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Last but not least Fifth command: Turn the keyboard backlight on and off.

When I purchased Mac, I wanted to control my Keyboard backlight. Though I have used all the keys I didn’t understand the symbol of it. But, later I got to know that this shortcut is the simplest of all the commands.

This action may be the least known (and used). There are times when you need to see more or less intensity of the keyboard of your Mac. To do this use F5 or F6 keys with which you will be able to regulate the amount of light emitted by the keys of your MacBook.

Awesome isn’t it?

These are the 5 best and most useful commands of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. I hope this article helps you to use all these commands efficiently and saves your time.
If you know any other useful commands of Mac, share them with our readers in the below comment section. We will include the best ones in our article in the next update.
If you have any query regarding the above commands or any other related to Mac, let us know them through your comments below. We will get back to you to solve all your questions as soon as possible.

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Which Mac command do you use more to save your time?