Mother’s Day 2022: Apps And Websites To Wish Your Mom

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There is nothing left for Mother’s Day 2022 and for that, we tell you what are the best applications and web pages to wish your MOM. Here are the best places with online congratulations on Mother’s Day.


All the moms of the world are in luck this Sunday, May 12th. One more happy year dedicated to them, a great moment to remind you of how much you love them and how important they are for you. Now that technology is fully embedded in our lives, you can use the best apps and web pages to wish your Mom on this Mother’s Day 2022.

If your mother has WhatsApp, Facebook, or another social network or instant messaging tool on her mobile, you can design your own online greeting card for Mother’s Day, take advantage of sending her a bouquet of flowers with just a couple of clicks or choose some nice digital postcard to thank you one more year for all that you have given in your life. You can also take advantage of the occasion to congratulate Mother’s Day to the rest of the mothers around you: sisters, friends, couple, grandmother, etc …

Let’s go there: then you can find the best apps and web pages to wish your mother this Sunday.

Mother’s Day 2022: 10 Best Apps and Webs to Wish your Beautiful MOM


Mothers Day Wishes & Cards 2018

This fantastic free application helps you design a personalized greeting for your mother. You can choose between frames, virtual cards, nice phrases or messages to which you can add your name.


This is another super website where you can wish your Mom. On this website, you will find videos and postcards arranged to be personalized with your mother’s face. Become a sergeant, rapper, DJ, or even Cindy Lauper!


It is the leading online platform to order flowers, which has a network of florists throughout Spain and also guarantees delivery on the same day. If your mother loves daisies, roses, sunflowers or tulips, congratulate her this Sunday with her favourite flowers or let them advise you with an ideal bouquet. Other options are FloristeriApp or Fresh Flowers.

My Postcard

This original app allows you to send authentic photo postcards to everyone and from anywhere, something very useful if you live far from your mother and want to have a nice detail with her. You can easily design your own images in an individualized way with the photographs of your smartphone as a design and a personalized greeting on the back, sending them later to any place in the world.


This digital platform allows you to quickly and easily generate your own personalized card for Mother’s Day 2022. It is not necessary that you previously have deep knowledge of photographic editing or that you mastered Photoshop since its interface is very simple and intuitive. In fact, it already has a card section: you can select your favourite and customize it to your liking from your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Here you can find more than 10,000 graphics related to Mother’s Day, from loving e-cards to photo frames, greeting messages or vectors. Do not lose your chance to search for your favourite.

Creating postcards

If you want a very simple option, with this application you can create your own postcards, selecting your favourite cards from several templates and adding photos and comments afterwards.


With this app, you can physically send postcards or greeting cards, which will arrive at your destination in 5 working days. However, if you opt for the virtual option, you can do it with your tablet or smartphone.

Marcos Mother’s Day

If you want to put a nice frame to a picture you have with your mom, whether current or childhood, use this application to get the desired results.

Mother’s Day Quotes

If your favourite option is to congratulate your mother with a beautiful phrase, in this application it allows you to choose from a wide variety and send affection verbally.

That is it! These are the top apps and websites to send and wish your Mom a lovely Happy Mother’s Day wishes on this May 12, 2022. I hope the above list will help you to choose the best one you want.

If you have any other queries let us know in the below comment box and we will be happy to help you quickly.

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