OLX- a million dollar free online classifieds site in India

OLX- a million dollar free online classifieds site in India

OLX- a million dollar free online classifieds site in India

OLX.in is a most popular website for free online classifieds in India, in which sellers, traders’ trade or sell their goods, products and also used products (2nd hand). OLX started in end of the March 2006, starting from that day; it revolutionized the global internet market in such a way, as it leads to gross million dollars profit.

OLX- a million dollar free online classifieds site in India

OLX- What is OLX.in?

OLX.in is  a free online classified sites where sellers and traders post the ads about their products, goods, 2nd products or used products with complete information about the product, the buyer selects the product and makes a contact with the seller or trader and make deals with him and buys the products.
OLX acts a mediator between buyers and sellers, but the individual posting ad is fully responsible about that product, OLX is one type of online marketing where it allows to post free ads, OLX allows users to make contact between them and have transactions face to face, this is like a direct buying like in the market which is very successful as buyer can check all the specifications, design, quality etc of that product and can decide the price and make deal with the seller directly.
There are specialized categories for each product like mobile phones, computers, laptops, furniture etc and each separate category with internal sub-categories which made easy to find desired product for user.
OLX.in is available in more than 105 countries in 40 languages; in India alone it is available in 500+ cities which made users to sell their products by posting ads in OLX as it is free.

TV –AD campaigns effect on OLX:


Generally advertisements play a major role in marketing, OLX entered in to advertisement/digital media in 2011 with variety of ads, the main slogan or tag line for OLX ad campaign is “Yaha sab kuch biktha hay” meaning “everything can be sale” this is a very catchy tag which was very popular since from its first ad, in the ads itself OLX clearly explains about its objectives, use of their service etc, there were many ads made by OLX like trading furniture, car, grand pa ad etc all are very famous and this made the sellers and entrepreneurs to post ads on OLX.
Their campaign is named as “where buyers meet sellers” which is apt for OLX as what it do is same, their ads also depicts the same tag which appears in a funny way.
And now, they changed their strategy of “where buyers meet sellers” to “phone ko Banaao Sell phone” (from cell phone) which too became famous, you can that ad below from youtube!

In May 2011, OLX hit a mark of 10 million page views as it was just a starting, and in November 2012 it raised to a peak of 92 million page views which was tremendous increase around 900% in just 19 months.
OLX is expecting 120 million users to use their service this year and it is expecting to reach the mark of 350 million users in 2015.


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