OLX- a popularly growing free online classifieds site

OLX- a popularly growing free online classifieds site

OLX- a popularly growing free online classifieds site

OLX is the most popular free online classifieds site, which is growing very fastly since 2006, it made a deliberate change in the online marketing in terms of buying, selling, trading, discussing etc.,  OLX.in is  one of the only popular classified site to be available in 105 countries and 40 languages.

OLX, the one and only best site to be available to get products, goods, and some other items which may not be available to all places, but OLX made it possible, as the real people post their ads about their unique products or 2nd hand products with images, specifications, description  etc , so this made it OLX.in to be one of the best online free classifieds site, in short, OLX is a place where buyer meets the seller directly, for example in OLX ,seller or trader directly posts their products (ADS) on OLX.in and they give detailed information on the product with his contact no. so buyer can directly contact him and can deal the price as he do in the market, so we can say OLX to be the best online social market!

OLX-popularity in India:

OLX.in made a remarkable change in the Indian market, earlier before 2006, the people of India did not have much awareness regarding buying online, trading their goods, products etc, but the OLX classified site set a trend to make the buyers to buy the products cheaply and easily, there is a major advantage in the OLX is that it divides the availability of products and goods as per the country, state, city etc. so this made the OLX fans to easily identify which products are available in their city and who are selling their desired products at the cheap price etc, this had a great impact on online internet marketing in India, day-by-day there is a sharper growth in the OLX.in popularity, the sellers and buyers are increased to huge extent, we can easily find a dog or any pet just using mobile or anything , just a finger tips away, or if you want to sell your mobile or car or scooter, then we can easily post using OLX.in


Although many competitors like Quickr evolved, but they are not at least a huge competitor to OLX.in, OLX is at the peak of Indian online marketing and it successfully completed 8+ years
Thanks to MR. Amarjit Batra, country head, OLX.In who made it possible.


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