OnePlus 6 Hidden Tricks You Should Know to Get More Out of It

OnePlus 6 Hidden Tricks You Should Know to Get More Out of It

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The OnePlus 6 is the last terminal that the Chinese company has launched to compete in the market in the high range. OnePlus 6 smartphone has excellent features such as fast charging compared to other terminals. In addition, it has a beautiful design that has been innovative for the company.

OnePlus 6 Hidden Tricks You Should Know to Get More Out of It

The OnePlus 6 has inside the Oxygen OS interface, a software very close to Android stock, but with many small and subtle differences when compared with the purity of Google Pixel phones. Anyway, this user interface definitely adds extra value to the OnePlus 6. Here are some hidden tips and tricks to get more from your OnePlus 6.


In the OnePlus 6 we have hidden settings such as notifications, icons, LEDs and many other things. In Oxygen there are many customisation options, and we can not deny that it looks like a pure Android. There are many customisation options for the OnePlus 6 , but we wanted to select those that can make a noticeable change. Mind you, we’re not going to show you the obvious customisation settings. For example, we will not teach you how to change icons, launcher or wallpaper.

OnePlus 6 Hidden Tricks

These hidden tricks are essential when it comes to customise our OnePlus 6, a terminal that has had an impact on sales.

Show or Hide the notch in OnePlus 6


OnePlus joined all the companies that implemented the representative notch of iPhone to their mobiles. Huawei, LG and other companies give us an adjustment that can hide the notch, for this we must do the following.

We must go to Settings -> Screen -> Screen in notch. There we can choose if we want it to show or not with a black color. It should be noted that, if we choose it, we will see that visually it will not have that cut, but it will continue to show us the notifications there.

Hide icons in the status bar

Now we will go to hide the icons that appear in the status bar, the same ones that appear on the sides of the notch. For this option we must go to the Settings -> Status bar-> Battery style (only for the battery icon). On the other hand for the rest we must go to the Settings -> Status Bar-> Icon Manager. This option is very useful to cancel many icons that we do not want to occupy space in the bar as the Bluetooth or the ones we never use.

Change the colors of the notification LED

The LED notification is a classic tool of smartphones, but not all phones have one. In the OnePlus 6 we have an LED that we can customise as we want, depending on what you are telling us. To customise the LED we must go to Settings -> Display -> LED Notifications. There we can choose all the applications that can turn on the LED, and we can cancel those that do not interest us. In addition, we can choose a light for when the battery is charged, for when we have it plugged in and for when it is low.

Management of recent applications

To see the applications that are in the background we can do it by gestures or by the buttons that are on the screen. If we keep pressing the bottom button of the screen we can close them, but there is one more option. There is an option that can prevent notifications from reaching us but saves the battery in exchange. For this we must go to Settings -> Advanced-> Recent applications manager. That’s it, you will have to configure the manager as you wish.

These hidden tricks to customise the OnePlus 6 are not very common, and very few people have discovered them. We remember that this mobile has just been presented and it is very new, but we can affirm that it is good, and it is economical.

Do you have a OnePlus 6 and know other important tips and tricks that improve the handling of this smartphone? Share them with the rest of the community through the comments!