11 Best Online Jobs to Make Legit Money in 2023

11 Best Online Jobs to Make Legit Money in 2023

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As you might know, due to the pandemic, most people are now either working from home or looking for a job. Those in the latter category are likely to have realized that, in today’s world, working from home is not just a last resort anymore.

11 Best Online Jobs to Make Legit Money in 2023

Moreover, working online can in most cases, bring in a better paycheck at the end of the month than most conventional jobs.

Naturally, people living in areas where the unemployment rate has been affected by the pandemic, such as Worcester, are more likely to start working from home.

According to a professional Worcester employment lawyer, there was a 6% increase in the unemployment rate in the first year of the pandemic there.

As such, people must be aware of their options and, ultimately, try what they must to avoid debt or a loss of savings.

Social Media Manager

If you’re a social media addict, to say the least, then you can easily put your skills to use. Obviously, some knowledge of marketing and campaign management helps a lot – but such things can also be learned on the job.

In fact, most social media manager positions don’t imply anything more than just managing a page or account on a daily basis. For such an activity, one can get paid up to $50 per hour.

Online Tutoring

If you have a few degrees that now cannot be put to proper use due to the pandemic, you could consider trying to teach other people online. Online teaching is, believe it or not, quite a big thing, especially when it comes to comprehensive classes regarding any niche or certain topics.

Depending on your level and knowledge, you could earn as much as $25 per hour.

Personal Trainer

Are you in quarantine and cannot access your gym? At the same time, are you too lazy to exercise on your own, at home? Well, if that’s the case, why not exercise and get paid for training someone else as well?

If you know your way around a gym and have decent knowledge about diet plans and exercise sets, you could earn up to $70 an hour by helping others get those gains.

Virtual Assistant

A lot of people have moved to the online environment due to the pandemic. Naturally, this means that the great majority are overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have on their hands, not to mention the fact that they have to deal more with technology.

In this case, a virtual assistant – pretty much like an in-office secretary – is just the thing they need.

Data Entry

It goes without saying that data entry is boring. However, if you have attention to detail and can learn things quite fast, you might end up completing your data entry tasks while basically half asleep which means good, easy money.

The best part is that data entry tasks are easy on the brain and keep you relaxed.

Freelance Writing

People with language and literature degrees were already having a hard time finding a proper job. Now, with the pandemic settled in, so to speak, pretty much their only option – which includes using their degree – is to start freelance writing.

Anything from articles to well-researched academic papers could get you up to $100 per hour.

SEO Expert

Nowadays, knowing a bit of SEO can not only save you a lot of trouble when writing an article but can also land you a great job that’s paid well too. This is because SEO is the king of the Internet at the moment.

In order to improve their ranking on the search engines, people are willing to pay SEO professionals over $50 per hour.

Stock Photography

Indoor photography is still in demand. In fact, with the creativity that one might get from having spent a full week in quarantine, they might not even consider being locked in their home as a disadvantage.

Therefore, if you have a high-resolution camera around, snap some pics in your free time and, if they’re good enough, they can translate into passive, continuous profit.

Online Moderator

Due to the spike in online activity, forums, social media, and chat apps have become extremely popular. Obviously, someone needs to moderate such platforms and make sure that their users are behaving.

For such a job, one could get paid as much as $40 per hour.

Graphic Designer

If you’ve dabbled with graphic design in the past or have some experience using Adobe Photoshop, then you can make quite a lot of money. For example, a professional logo can go for well beyond $200-300 – while top-notch designs for prestigious clients can get you thousands of dollars.

Still, even as a beginner, you can earn around $30 per hour for your designs.


All those years of arguing with people in forums and group chats might win you around $30 per hour working as a transcriptionist. Naturally, you do need more than just the usual attention to detail!

But, if you have fast fingers and you can type with your eyes closed, you should quite easily land a job like this.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the online environment is inundated with jobs. The best part is that they’re not only jobs. All of the above can transform into a real-deal; namely careers that you can further develop to increase your hourly wage over your working life.

Certain professionals in the jobs mentioned above can make as much as $100 per hour. With 8 hours of work a day, that could mean up to $4000 a week.