PalmID: The Best Alternative to Face and Touch ID

Palm ID
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When Apple announced the new iPhone X surprised to show Face ID, the facial recognition system integrated into the next workhorse of the company and that allows unlocking of the phone through the face. 

Now that the manufacturer based in Cupertino has been forced to reduce the power of its biometric system to meet the demand of the iPhone X without collapsing the assembly line, we can say that we must find other solutions. And this is where Palm ID comes in.

PalmID, the Alternative to Face ID and Touch ID

And is that Palm ID is a recognition system that uses the palm of your hand as a security key. Just as Face ID requires the face of an authorized user to unlock the device with Palm ID it will take the palm of your hand to unlock your phone or tablet.

You Need the Palm of Your Hand to Unlock the Device

And yes, that PalmID looks really good. This new technology scans our hand to find patterns and recognize the owner. No need to touch the device since this unlocking system uses the phone’s camera to read the palm of the user’s hand.

And we must highlight the fact that PalmID is fully compatible with any camera without using any special hardware, unlike the facial recognition system that integrates the iPhone X that does require very specific hardware.

Another of the most interesting points of Palm ID regarding Face ID is that this biometric system is compatible with any RGB or infrared camera that has, at least, a resolution of 0.3 megapixels.

Or what is the same: any device today can use this technology without any major problems.

According to the American company, headquartered in California, responsible for creating this technology, PalmID takes less than 100 milliseconds to read our hand and that is virtually impossible to cheat.

Is PalmID a good alternative to Face ID?

Taking into account that this technology to unlock devices through the palm of our hand is compatible with any operating system and can be used both on mobile devices and desktops.

We have to use both technologies to pick the best one. 

Watch PalmID Working Video

Awesome isn’t it? Day-by-day our technology is developing more and more.

Let us see what else recognition systems will come into play. Share your opinions on the same in the below comment section.

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What technology do you like to use, Face ID or PalmID? Let us know in the comments.