PayTm Unlimited Recharge Trick Working Methods and Updated

PayTm Unlimited Recharge Trick Working Methods and Updated

Hey, friends! Recently I have published an article related to mCent unlimited recharge trick working and updated methods, which are working perfectly to all the users. Today I am up with PayTm unlimited recharge trick. Yes! what you heard is absolutely right. Now you can get unlimited recharge from PayTm online network for free. The total procedure is explained below. All you need to do is read the steps carefully and implement them perfectly. So, buddy just read the steps below to get free unlimited recharge for your mobile. If you have any doubts in this process do let me know in your comments.

PayTm Unlimited Recharge Trick Method

To get Paytm, unlimited free recharge follows the steps below.

Step 1

Foremost,  You have to download the Paytm mobile app.

Step 2

After the completion of downloading the PayTm application on your mobile, install the app and then open the app.

Step 3

Now, you have to create new PayTm account with your working mobile number and Email ID

Step 4

Once create the PayTm app on your mobile. Open it and proceed to recharge. Select your mobile number and Operator (To which number you have to recharge)

Step 5

Here enter the amount Rs.50 and proceed to do a recharge of Rs.50




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Step 6

Click proceed button and apply coupon code (NEW50) in “Enter Promotional/Voucher code. After entering the code click on apply and then click on proceed to pay Rs.50

Step 7

Now, pay the amount Rs.50 to complete your transaction process. Now, you will get Rs.50 cashback amount to your Paytm wallet within few minutes. This is the way to get Rs.50 cashback amount from Paytm recharge. If you want you can transfer your PayTm wallet cash to a bank account with two simple procedures.

Trick To Get Paytm Unlimited Free Recharge

The working trick to get PayTm unlimited free recharge. Follow the steps carefully as follows.

Step 1

First of all, uninstall the PayTm mobile app from your mobile device

Step 2

After that, PayTm wallet cash to a bank account

Step 3

After completing the downloading process, install that Paytm app

Step 4

Open the Paytm mobile app and create new PayTm account with another alternative mobile number

Step 5

Now, proceed to recharge of amount Rs.50

Step 6

Click proceed option and apply coupon code (NEW50) in entering Coupon option

Step 7

Now, you will receive one message from Paytm:
Your coupon is applied successfully and a cashback of Rs.50 will be credited in your Paytm wallet within 24 hours”.

Step 8

Now, Minimize your Paytm app and Download PayTm wallet app.

Step 9

Once the download process is completed install the PayTm wallet cash application on your mobile.

Step 10

Now, open your old Paytm account, where you got a cashback of Rs.50 for recharge of Rs.50

Step 11

Next, send the cashback amount of Rs.50 from your old PayTm account to newly created PayTm account

Step 12

Once this process is done, you will receive Rs.50 PayTm cash in your new account from your old account.

Step 13

Open the minimized Paytm mobile app (Newly created account)

Step 14

Proceed to do recharge and enter the amount Rs.50 and apply the code NEW50 then click on apply. Next, click on proceed to pay the amount Rs.50

Step 15

Now, pay the amount from your PayTm cash which you have received from your old account.

Step 16

You will get Rs.50 Paytm wallet cash back amount within few hours to your new PayTm account

To get more and more Paytm unlimited free mobile recharge, repeat these steps again. So that you will earn unlimited mobile recharge.

That’s all. This is all about getting PayTm unlimited recharge with working tricks. If you have any questions on this topic let us know in your comments below. If you know any other methods other than these, write them in your valuable comments. Stay with us for more tips and tricks.

Happy PayTm unlimited free Recharge!


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