How To Pick The Right Play To Earn Game For You

How To Pick The Right Play To Earn Game For You

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The most exciting things are happening in the world of GameFi. What was just a passive hobby before the incorporation of NFTs and cryptocurrencies has now made it possible for gamers to combine the pleasure of submerging themselves in gameplay while also earning money.

And if you’re up-to-date with the latest playtoearn news, you must have heard about players earning thousands of dollars with crypto games. If you have also decided to try your luck at P2E games but are unsure where to get started, you’re at the right place.

In this guide, we talk about everything you need to know when choosing the right play-to-earn game for you.

Selecting The Best Game

It’s very clear – P2E games are a great way of playing video games and earning money while doing so. You go about your game like you would do with any traditional game; you battle players, complete quests, or take part in in-game challenges.

If you’re successful, you get either token that you can sell or redeem for goods like new characters or levels or unique items that you can sell as NFTs.

The problem is, there are a lot of P2E games out there today, with some of them being super popular. But just because everyone’s playing a certain game doesn’t mean you’ll like it.

In fact, you might not even like the game your friend suggested. This is why it’s best to do your own research and learn everything about P2E games to figure out which one you should play.

And to help you with that, the following are some questions you should ask yourself. The answer to these questions will help you narrow down a list of titles, making it easier for you to decide what you want.

Do You Want To Earn NFTs, Coins, Or Both?

Different play-to-earn games reward players in different forms. Some just provide NFTs or a cryptocurrency, while most pay gamers a combination of in-game cryptocurrency and NFT, which you can then sell and trade with other games or even external traders. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to earn popular currencies.

So before you get started, make sure you understand how you’ll be rewarded for your gameplay, and the time it will take to earn those rewards. With some games, you just need to perform some simple tasks to earn NFTs, but for other games, you will have to put in a lot of time to be able to earn a reward.

Is It Easy To Cash Out The Coins You’ve Earned?

Many P2E games are built on famous blockchains like Polygon or Ethereum but it might not be very easy to convert them to another coin. In addition to that, the values of in-game coins can greatly fluctuate and you might not be able to sell the NFT immediately.

So before you invest a good chunk of your time in a game, make sure you thoroughly understand how you can use your coins and how you can convert them into fiat money. Once you know how you can convert the digital items you’ve earned, you can decide if the game is right for you or not.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Get Started?

Most P2E games have minimum playing criteria. For some, you must have some amount of crypto coins or you must buy something to get started. For instance, you might have to buy a pack of cards to be able to play a card trading game.

Or if you want to play Axie Infinity, you must have at least three Axis. This entry cost varies from game to game and it’s important that you know them beforehand.

Even if a game doesn’t require you to spend some amount to get started, you will ultimately end up spending money to access premium features or unique items.

With that being said, you should also not forget that whatever cryptocurrency you earn from any P2E game comes with its risk, and there’s also no guarantee of return. So make sure you invest only the amount you can afford and don’t forget that it can take some time to get some return on your investment if any.

What Kind Of Game Should You Play?

This is a tricky question, and you might find yourself overwhelmed given the number of options available out there, each with different gameplay.

So to decide the game you should play, think about the kind of games you’re good at. These could be RPG games, MOBA games, FPS games, and even puzzles and action-adventure games.

We cannot put enough emphasis on choosing the right game, especially since you’ll most probably invest some money in the game and will be playing for rewards. This is why it’s better if you choose a game that best matches your experience and skill set.

So for instance, if you’re a pro at guessing words very quickly, especially under pressure, look into crypto puzzle games. Similarly, if you’re more skilled at shooting games, look for games that revolve around the tower-of-defense scheme.

The bottom line is, don’t forget that the game you choose will play a big role in whether you win something or not.

And once you decide the kind of P2E game you want to play, you just need to narrow down your options by looking at titles that match your budget. There are more than 400 P2E games available today and the key to choosing the best one for you is thorough research.


P2E games are not only entertaining and relaxing, but they also give you a chance to earn something, even if you’re just a beginner.

However, when it comes to choosing a game, there’s no one-size-fits-all. You need to consider your time, budget, skills, and interests and choose one that best aligns with all these.

And don’t forget to do your due diligence and learn everything about the game there is to know so that you can be sure of your choice!



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