Top 7 Practical and Quickly Realizable Work from Home Options for Enterprising Moms

Top 7 Practical and Quickly Realizable Work from Home Options for Enterprising Moms

Cost of living is increasing day by day and in addition to that, having the financial responsibility of a minor can make parents work 18 to 20 hours a day. However, there is a considerable rise in the number of young enterprising mothers who prefer to work from home to balance out their career and family life. Earning cash while watching a baby is becoming popular as the hours are flexible and one can schedule the work according to the children’s time-table.  Fortunately, there are better options to work from home for pregnant and new moms. Let’s talk about some of the most practical ways to have an enterprising life from home as a working mother:

Best Practical and Quickly Realizable Work from Home Options

Online Tutor:

With the education industry booming there is an ample demand for tutors. Women are natural teachers and they can use their communication skills and knowledge to earn additional income. There are thousands of subjects to choose from.. The timings can be conveniently set to suit the tutor and students. One just  needs a functional computer and high speed internet connection to get started. Also it is easy to set up an online profile on tutor platforms like Tutor Hub, Much More, Learningfy etc. to earn from home.

Freelance Blogging & Magazine Writer:

If you are a professional writer or looking to turn your passion of composing into a lucrative career then being a freelance blogger or magazine writer can get your monthly expenses covered. Freelance blogging involves writing blog posts for several niches on varied number of business sites. Payment is by hour. Progressive, feminist magazines seek engaging content to reach out to their readers. As a magazine writer, you can choose to write in the area of expertise while earning a steady income. Magazine’s like Women’s Enews, MAMM Magazine, and Parenting Today’s Teen hire regularly.

Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant performs the same job as an office assistance, albeit its online. This includes administrative experience of sending out mails and business proposals on behalf of the client. Covering  the social media engagement, managing a business blog, increasing the network of the client by marketing, and making office presentations. Such jobs can be obtained through online job portals or offline advertisements.

Web Designer/ Developer:

Companies are always on the lookout for dynamic and result driven websites. You can start your own business by putting your creative designing skills to use. Wages are weekly and calculated on hourly bases depending on the project undertaken. You can look out for job options on freelance websites like Upwork, Guru etc. You can also send independent proposals to companies. If you wish to work in a less competitive environment then startup companies offer projects with smaller budgets. Creating a powerful professional profile on social sites can attract potential clients.

Online Reseller:

You can use your smart bargaining and business skills to sell items. There are several ways to sell items online; you can start with E-bay, Amazon, or start a basic selling station right from your home.  Apparel and accessories are good starting points because the market is always bustling.  Such online trade can help you earn plenty in commission. You can attract customers by putting up an advertisements and promotions . You can also connect locally by starting out with family and friends. The creation of an attractive website will give a head start your business.

Authoring E-books:

If you prefer a quiet life and do want to get into the hassles of managing a full fledged office from home, then turning into an e-book author is an ideal career choice. There are heap of topics to choose from. Children’s e-book writing is one of the popular categories in digital publishing. You can upload your finished copy onto various publishing sites like Kindle, Lulu, and Good Reads. Publishing cost of e-books is relatively lower than paper books. An aggressive promotional strategy can turn you into a successful e-Author.

Creative online business:

A natural hobby can turn into a money making vocation. Your passion for baking can help you develop a niche blog, ecommerce powered local bakery, or a niche bakery from your home.  The talent of clicking exceptional photographs can help you sell digital content online, or enable you to freelance as a photographer. A creative interest in arts can help you start your own art gallery online. The possibilities of creating decent income streams are endless. A functional website and few marketing skills is all you need. 

You can be Miss Boss by following your dreams, even after becoming a mom. The world has shrunk thanks to World Wide Web, and you can make your presence felt in the virtual world and translate your skills, passhion, and enthusiasm it into a golden opportunity of creating wealth for the happiness of your family.


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