14 Best Profitable Hobbies That Make Money in 2022

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We often hear from famous people in various industries to choose a job we love so that we will never have to work a day in our lives. It is a classic piece of advice for people who struggle to follow their passion and consider it as their bread and butter.

How about you?

Is your job in line with your interest or hobby?

They say that to make the most out of life, we have to choose a hobby that keeps us fit, helps us to be creative, and hobbies that can make us money.

14 Best Profitable Hobbies That Make Money in 2022

In this article, we shall talk about these hobbies and how to turn hobbies into money.

Whether you are into technology, fitness, or arts, there is one which you can enjoy for sure.

Check out our list and take on the first step of enjoying while gaining profits!

We shall start with small hobbies to make money. Most of these are the ones you can do at the tip of your fingers.

Taking Online Surveys

Did you know that you can help companies improve their products and services and get paid for doing so?

Yes, that is possible by taking online surveys!

Make the most out of your time anywhere you are by just surfing the web. Sites like PrizeRebel, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Inbox Dollars are just some of the many online survey platforms which generously give sign-up bonuses when you utilize their services too. 

survey junkie

Social Media

How much time do you spend getting updates about your friends on Facebook? Do you love taking well-orchestrated photos and posting them on Instagram? Well, if social media is your natural element, then you may elevate your socmed skills and earn from it. 

Building your social media outlets and gaining more followers out of it through your content may carve out a money-making niche for yourself. Having a strong social media site can also make you an instant influencer and eventually receive endorsements and projects.

You’ll just be surprised to see yourself growing into social media from a business perspective and earn a new career for yourself – out of what is now just a hobby.

If you are fond of introspection and humor, you’ll be more excited to learn how you can make bread and butter out of it. Social media also makes great inspiration for tech startups.


Having a sense of humor and being able to crack jokes at the right timing is a genius talent that is hard to find. If you have such a gem, talent scouts shall hunt you and give you a spotlight in the entertainment industry. 

Clubs gaining more patrons because of you as their most sought-after star can make you earn more than your working fee by means of tips and bonuses. 


If you have a knack for writing and you want to express your thoughts, you can start with blogging and eventually publish your own books. Who knows if you can be the next Shakespeare, Dante, or Murakami? 

Content writing and copy editing also make a good source of income while enhancing your skills. With a lot of sites looking for digital content creators, you can be sure to have your spot depending on your niche.

If you are on the creative side and you find delight in making crafts and interesting paintings, then you must be more inspired when you start making funds out of it. Here are craft hobbies where you can make money. 


Crafts can go from making sketches, crochets, pixel painting, up to designing garments. You can start by doing the crafts and posting the finished product on your social media sites. Making your crafts more visible in your social feed increases the chance of having your friends share them. Eventually, you’ll be surprised to receive commission opportunities. Word of mouth and aesthetic social media posts aside from the natural creativity of the craft itself is your greatest assets in this business. 

Aside from enjoying the hobby and earning commission out of it, this business can also give you an opportunity to teach others to be enthusiasts of your craft. In return, you can also hire them as partners when your business expands. Talk about that manufacturing company from a single post, eh?


Who does not enjoy taking pictures and posing for the camera? No one, right?  Photography is indeed fun and apparently, due to a lot of talented photographers, one can really make it a profession. Your photos can range from candid shots, depicting the busy urban life, to photos that make us gravitate more toward art. 

There are many ways to make money out of photography. You can count popular websites such as Flickr and Shutterstock that provide photos to users across the web. You can earn some money by setting up an account on those sites and adding your photos to sell to potential clients.

If you have more advanced tools and photography skills, you can also apply as a photographer in events like weddings, birthdays, and the like. As you gain more experience and clients, you can eventually raise your rates and increase your income.

Creating and/or Editing Videos

If you have a knack for photography, you can go the extra mile by learning how to create and edit videos especially if you are using reliable video editing software. This is such an in-demand service in most events and if you are offering both photography and cinematography, more clients can be more attracted to your package since they just have to coordinate with one provider. Same-day edits, promotions, commercials, and pre-celebration videos are some of the most-watched on and offline and its impact can be attributed to no less than the magic of video editing. 

Vlogging has also been a thing in the 21st century, especially during the height of the pandemic when most people turn to Youtube, Vimeo, and other video sites to entertain themselves while their place is in lockdown. By identifying your niche, building your community, and using the right keyword tools, you can easily set up a reach more audience resulting in more views and earnings in the long run. You can install Tubebuddy for free then subscribe to its offer as low as $2 per month and have an access to a lot of productivity tools and templates for your videos.

A combination of relatable content and vlogging skill can earn you a lot of subscribers and views. Once you get your channel established, you can earn advertising revenue on these videos through Google AdSense and provide you with a passive and reliable income. 

Web Design

Since a lot of digital businesses and startups have emerged lately, you can find plenty of opportunities by creating and building websites. Starting from simple web designs to complicated assignments, web designing can provide you with a better cash flow while honing your analytical and creative skills. 

Finally, if you want to level up as you establish your name in the industry, you can try to build your own team of people with the same interest and skills and help them earn and learn too. 

If you are a home buddy, there are hobbies you can do at home to make money. You can start making business with lovely pets. 


If you are a pet lover, you don’t have to spend money on your pets all the time. You can fund their needs by walking and sitting with your neighbors’ pets. What can be more fun than that? Gaining trust and positive feedback from your first clients can help you get more clients along the way.

Another area that can be particularly a lucrative hobby is exploring and taking care of exotic pets. If you have experience taking care of reptiles, birds, or unusual mammals, you may sell your service to specific clients and they’ll for sure compensate you for your premium service. 

Though it may require you to shell out some funds for location and materials, you can also provide more sophisticated services through pet grooming. This may require more than a hobby since you also have to be more knowledgeable in handling pets, but once you get a good reputation for doing this work, you can expand your place to a bigger one, from a grooming hub to a veterinary hospital. 

If you prefer to do things remotely, you can offer your service as a mobile pet groomer instead. This is where you have all the equipment you need, but perform the services at the customer’s home. You can also check here discounted pet medicines and care tools you can prescribe to your clients. This is another hobby turned profession that can provide you with extra income. 


Baking is an all-time favorite hobby by most people. From producing sweet treats to online business, the magic of baking happens in one’s kitchen. It is not just a hobby, but also a bonding opportunity with our loved ones. Your baking journey from producing your first un-chewy cookies to being proud of making N-layered cake can bring you to the greater heights of having a cafe in the making. 

If you are residing in overlooking places, you can find baking and the idea of bed-and-breakfast business a good match. The experience of enjoying the scenery while grabbing well-baked snacks will attract more local customers especially those guests who are on the fly and on their way out to local attractions.

If you want to get really ambitious, you can start launching your baked goods online. Everyone loves baked goods, but since there are few people lately who do baking, the market is wide open, especially for in-demand items on special occasions such as cookies, cupcakes, and muffins.

Sharing your passion and expertise with others is also an enjoyable way to earn and learn at the same time. Whether you’re into fitness goals or you prefer to train your mind, there is always an audience for you.


Minecraft may be the tool when building blocks nowadays, but there are still some who prefer to fix and/or produce physical outputs through carpentry. You don’t necessarily need to be a carpenter or a construction worker in a firm or project to practice and teach carpentry.

You can start getting building or repair projects in your community with your woodworking skills. This can also be a lucrative business later on if you and your team can take projects to restore antique furniture since you can increase its value. The competition in this field is small since people prefer to dispose of rather than restore their things.


Being wealthy by remaining healthy, how can that be possible? Well, it is not really rocket science, but that is possible especially for fitness buffs. Being a reliable example while advocating for healthy living can make one influential and eventually, well-off fitness gurus. You can start on this quest by becoming a personal trainer. Gym’s all across the country have personal trainers, and since turnover is high, they’re usually looking for a few more.

You can also make videos out of your fitness routines and launch them on video streaming sites such as Youtube and Facebook. Having more followers may attract more views which in turn can give you more income. You may also explore selling fitness accessories, weight loss supplements such as Keto Advanced Weight Loss, and equipment while having your influence as your greatest asset to do so. 

Just to make things more official, you probably have to get certified as a personal trainer, and may even need to get a CPR certification. 


To teach is to learn twice, and this is very much evident in music. Music is one of those hobbies that lends itself very well to tutoring. Think of the people you know who will engage the services of teachers and tutors for piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, or any of the hundreds of other instruments out there. 

Even if you are merely an intermediate-level player, you’ll have a lot to offer to a new student. Parents are also often looking for teachers and tutors to help their children master an instrument or two. Your love for Music can become give you money if you fill that role.

Proofreading and Editing

Though there are proofreading apps like Grammarly and built-in editors, most people feel more comfortable having their outputs manually checked by an actual proofreader. Bloggers and even schools hire in-house proofreaders for their content.

If you have a knack for proofreading and editing, you can find a stable job out of this skill. You can also venture into marketing and advertising material, business “white papers”, business proposals, and books – both printed books and ebooks.

There we have it – the 14 most profitable hobbies you can explore within and share with others around you.

Which one do you find most comfortable and profitable at the same time? 

Let us know in the comments section below.

All the best!