In the Know: 10 Go-to Publications for Wealth Advisors

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The greatest teachers never stop learning. If you’re a wealth advisor, your greatest asset is your ability to understand the financial landscape and tailor your advice accordingly.

The best way to stay on top of the latest news is to read today’s leading financial publications. In this post, we will highlight 10 of the best go-to publications for wealth advisors.

Publications for Wealth Advisors

Some publications are tailored specifically for wealth advisors. Below, we’ll highlight five of the leading publications to explore:

1. Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor Magazine offers a wealth of innovative strategies for providing wealth planning to affluent clients. The magazine is aimed at financial planners, registered investment advisors (RIAs), and independent financial brokers. The magazine also provides some practical management ideas that can be used to scale your practice and hone your skills.

2. International Advisor

When you read International Advisor, you’ll find news you may not find elsewhere, such as this recent piece about the hiring of a Hargreaves alum.

After its 2006 debut, International Advisor has quickly become a leading publication regarding the global intermediary market. International Advisor boasts an international panel of advisors, as well as a team of product specialists.

3. Think Advisor

Technically, ThinkAdvisor offers two subscription magazines: Investment Advisor and Research on Wealth. However, the real selling point of the publication is its network of news and resources that are aimed at investment advisors.

4. Financial Planning

Available in both digital and print formats, Financial Planning has emerged as a multimedia platform that provides news and research to financial advisors. Whether you’re looking for the latest retirement strategies or market moves, Financial Planning offers tools, videos, and research-driven content that can help you to scale your practice.

5. Journal of Financial Planning

Though it requires a paid membership to the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the Journal of Financial Planning offers some of today’s best up-to-the-minute financial planning news, covering the latest developments within the industry.

Paid members will also have access to digital communities around the world, as well as invitations to events, conferences, webinars, and other means of furthering their education.

Publications for Financial News

Other publications are not directly aimed at the financial planning community, but they should still be familiar resources for anyone who is operating in the financial sector.

1. Forbes

In recent years, Forbes has undergone somewhat of a revision in order to keep up with the ever-changing financial market. The magazine is well-known for offering news relating to business operations, marketing, and investment, making it a familiar tool for financial advisors.

2. Barron’s

Published weekly, Barron’s offers some of today’s latest material on investment strategies. The magazine offers a specialty section called “Market Week,” which provides data-driven analyses of market performance and advice on trading from around the world.

3. The Economist

When you want a picture of the ways that finances can impact the world around us, few publications have the reputation of The Economist. You’ll find articles on the relationship between economics and the world of technology, politics, and more.

If you choose to subscribe, you’ll also receive a daily, morning briefing from the magazine’s editors. Once a year in December, the magazine also publishes an issue that highlights the trends and features of the previous year.

4. Kiplinger’s

When it comes to personal financial advice, many turn to Kiplinger’s, which contains some of today’s most practical advice for personal wealth management and investment.

Their online site also contains strategies aimed at small business owners, though the publication has plenty of advice for investing, insurance, taxes, and more.

Kiplinger’s also offers an email newsletter, but you may particularly appreciate the ability to select a newsletter in your specialized area of interest, such as the “Kiplinger’s Tax Letter,” which covers tax law and other information regarding financial investments.

5. Investor’s Business Daily

As the name implies, Investor’s Business Daily offers daily updates on the latest industry developments so you can make the best investment choices. Print subscribers receive a weekly physical copy on their doorstep. The targeted research and data provide some of the clearest, most timely updates in the industry.

Keeping Up with the Latest Data

If you’re a wealth advisor, chances are at least some of these publications are on your radar. Others may be new to you. One of the greatest benefits of the digital revolution is that you don’t have to carry a stack of magazines around with you to stay in the know!

The electronic edition of these publications can be accessed anywhere using your tablet or smartphone, which means that you can keep up with the latest data while waiting for a train or in between meetings. Learning has always been essential, but it’s never been easier.


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