QuickTime in macOS: 7 Tricks to Get the Most Out of it

QuickTime in macOS: 7 Tricks to Get the Most Out of it

QuickTime is the native video player of macOS and has an infinity of functions that are unknown to many. Take a note of the best tips to get the most out of QuickTime on your Mac.


7 Brilliant Tricks to get Most Out of the QuickTime in macOS

Below are the seven QuickTime Player tricks which are very useful to any user.

1 Trick to move forward or backward playback

If you have a Mac, you’ve probably used QuickTime player many times to play videos. However, you may not have noticed the tricks to move forward or backward playback.

For example, you have the possibility to rewind or pass the video quickly by sliding two fingers on the trackpad to the left or right. On the contrary, if you want to advance or rewind the playback very slowly, press the left or right arrows on the keyboard.

2 Cut a video using QuickTime Player on your Mac

Would you like to cut a video? QuickTime allows you to do it quickly. To do this, navigate through the menu Edit> Shorten and you will see a line with all the frames at the bottom.

Next, all you have to do is drag the edge of the yellow box to remove the clips you want to undo. When you’re done, click on the Shorten button to apply the edit.

3 Divide a video

If you’d like to split a video into different parts, QuickTime also lets you do it in a jiffy. To do this, place the cursor of the reproduction at the point where you want to split the file and navigate through the menu Edit> Divide the clip.

Once this is done, at the bottom you will see the line with all the frames divided by the point indicated.  Repeat the operation as many times as you need. Then you can perform different actions, such as deleting the sections, swap their place or delete and paste clips, among other options.

4 Export a video to another format

QuickTime is not a video converter, so it is not intended to convert formats. However, it does offer you the option to export optimized content for viewing on other Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

If you want to watch the video in any of these terminals, navigate through the menu File> Export and select the corresponding option in the context menu. Then, choose the device in the pop-up window and click Save to get the file.

In addition, you also have the possibility to save only the audio, as well as reduce the quality of the video.

5 Record video, audio or the screen

In addition to the playback and editing functions, with QuickTime, you can also record video, audio or the screen of your Mac.

To do this, click on the File tab of the menu and then select New video, audio or screen recording, depending on what you want to do. In the first case, you can record video using the integrated camera or connected devices, such as the iPhone or an external camera, in high or high quality. To select the video and audio sources, click on the arrow next to the red recording button.

If you want to capture only sound, select the second option and then choose the audio sources by clicking on the red button arrow. Finally, to record the screen check the corresponding option, and the arrow on the red button indicates if you want to record the audio and show the mouse clicks.

6 Change the language of subtitles

If the video you are watching has different language tracks or subtitles, you can change the first ones or show the seconds quickly and easily.

To do this, go to the Visualization tab, where you will find the Languages and Subtitles sections. Next, place the mouse cursor over them and select the option you prefer from among those available.

7 Turn or flip videos or clips

Another option of video editing that QuickTime player offers in macOS is to flip or rotate videos and clips with a single click.

To do this, select the Edit tab and then choose the direction of the turn or the turn by clicking on one of the available options. You can apply the change to the whole video or if you have divided the file as we have shown you in one of the previous points, only one of the clips.

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These are the 7 brilliant QuickTime Player tricks which can be very useful to any. I hope this article will help you to use QuickTime very efficiently. If you have any queries regarding any of the above tricks, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.
Would you like to add any other important tricks to this article? Then write them to us through our Contact us page.
Which of the above tricks do you like the most that helped you to save your time?


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