7 Good Reasons to Switch to Selenium: A Guide on Switching to Selenium

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It is critical to resolving concerns with the website’s operation, security, user experience, compatibility, and performance during Web Application Testing. Test Automation offers a solid foundation for running tests across several browsers with few changes. Importantly, it automatically executes the same tests using a variety of data sources to increase test coverage. The most widely used open-source & freeware automation tool is Selenium.

Selenium automates a variety of software products, each with its own approach to testing automation support. Most of the Selenium test engineers concentrate on a few tools that best match their project’s objectives; however, understanding all of the automation technologies will provide you with a variety of approaches to diverse test automation difficulties.

The comprehensive range of tools results in a robust set of testing capabilities customized to the demands of web application testing of all kinds. These actions are quite versatile, allowing for a wide range of possibilities for identifying components on a web page and comparing intended test outcomes to actual application/software behavior.

One of Selenium’s most useful capabilities is the ability to run tests across many browser systems.  Selenium WebDriver supports a variety of browsers. This includes Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Internet Explorer, and allows you to perform testing across different browsers. It contains a set of tools that cater to various organizational demands. It mostly consists of four tools:

  • Selenium RC (which is now deprecated)
  • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium WebDriver

Reasons to Switch to Selenium

Selenium has a lot of advantages at its bay when it comes to testing automation. It also authorizes you to record and playback while testing web applications, as well as you can execute a number of scripts across several browsers. The advantages of Selenium are applicable to a wide range of industries. Following are the top 7 reasons to switch to Selenium.

1. Open Source Accessibility

Selenium is open source and this is just one of the many benefits that it proposes. Selenium is a publicly available automation framework. It is free with no upfront expenditures since it is an open-source application. Consequently, you may save a lot of money and use it for other good causes.

The Selenium community is always willing to assist software engineers and developers with automating web browser capabilities and functions. Because Selenium is open source, you may modify the code for enhanced code management and to improve the functionality of predefined methods and classes.

Because it is so simple to create test scripts to evaluate functionality, Selenium has become the most trusted web automation tool.

2. Language and Framework Support

Whenever you select a tool remember to ask yourself if the tool you are about to choose supports the language that you are familiar with. Selenium, on the other hand, supports a wide range of programming languages for software automation testing, including Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby,  C#.

Test scripts may be written in any computer language, and Selenium will quickly transform them into Selenium compliant code. So, understanding Selenium isn’t required; instead, each Selenium-supported language comes with its own set of frameworks that aid in the creation of test scripts for Selenium test automation.

So, if you use Selenium as an automated testing tool, you do not have to worry about framework support and language (such as operating system) since Selenium takes care of it for you!

3. Implementation, Flexibility, and Reusability

Selenium is a test automation test framework that is also a user-friendly tool. This tool (Selenium) has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to build and run test scripts. You may also keep an eye on the tests as they run. You may see comprehensive Selenium test results and take action based on them.

If you need any sort of assistance, the Selenium community will always be ready to assist you. You may use the community to ask questions and share ideas. The significance of test management in the testing lifecycle cannot be underestimated. In addition to this, Selenium offers you capabilities such as test case regrouping and refactoring.

This makes the tool simpler and more efficient. This also aids testers and developers in making rapid code changes, eliminating duplication, decreasing complexity, and increasing maintainability. These qualities make Selenium more adaptable and useful than competing automated testing solutions, allowing it to maintain its competitive advantage.

Selenium automation test scripts may be reused and tested on a variety of operating systems and browsers. The catch is that Selenium is not a one-size-fits-all web automation testing solution. As a result, third-party add-ons and frameworks are required to expand the testing scope.

4. Wide Testing Scope

The ideal equation for the Selenium community that has been working on and innovating every day is “One single Selenium test script for all of your browsers.” Some of the most popular browsers in the world are Safari, Chrome,  Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge and the Selenium script is functional with all of them. You just need to create one test script for all browsers, rather than rewriting codes for each one.

Selenium provides a variety of testing alternatives, including hybrid and mobile web applications. It also enables you to test mobile web apps on a variety of devices, including iPhone and Android. When it comes to mobile testing, open-source technologies such as Selendriod or Appium may be used.

The key difference between the two is that Selendroid is only compatible with Android devices, while Appium is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. These many testing alternatives aid in the generation of required findings while resolving device-specific difficulties. It also simultaneously tests on any number of devices or browsers, reducing testing effort and time.

5. Simple to Use and Updated on a Regular Basis

Selenium scripts are not the same as constructing a long algorithm. Writing and creating Selenium scripts is a simple task. It is similar to writing some lines of code to automate the website’s functionality.

Additionally, the Selenium website’s documentation is quite beneficial for developers and testers who are just getting started with Selenium automated testing. Selenium tutorials, development, and testing help are all only a Google search away, thanks to the rapidly developing community.

You can also utilize the Selenium IDE plugin on the Firefox browser to record and play the Selenium scripts for reference in the future Because Selenium is backed by a community, & we all know that an active community doesn’t like to stagnate, the Selenium community releases frequent updates and improvements.

The best aspect about having a community is that these changes are easily accessible & simple to comprehend, so no special training is required. Selenium is thus more resourceful and cost-effective than other technologies.

6. Extensions and Plug-Ins

Selenium has a large number of extensions and plugins for integrating with third-party bindings. They enable you to enhance Selenium’s capability. Selenium, for example, may be connected with Selendroid and Appium through plugins. Furthermore, Selenium may be used in conjunction with CI/CD (continuous integration/delivery) systems such as Jenkins and Eclipse, which greatly aid Agile development.

Selenium is so much more than just a single tool or utility; it is a gambit of several testing tools and that is why we call it a Suite. Each tool in Selenium is personalized to specific testing needs and test environment constraints.

7. Supports Various Operating Systems and Requires Less Hardware

Different operating systems are used by different individuals, thus your automation solution should be able to tackle each one of them. It is a very portable program that works on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, and others.

You may write Selenium test suites on any platform, like Windows, and then run them on another platform, like Mac or Linux. This makes it simple for software testers and developers to design test automation scripts without having to worry about the platform they’ll be running on.

When we compare Selenium to other automation tools like UFT, SilkTest, and QTP, you will notice that Selenium also uses less hardware than the others.

It is critical to resolving concerns with the website’s operation, security, user experience, compatibility, and performance during Web Application Testing. Test Automation offers a solid foundation for running tests across several browsers with few changes.

Importantly, it automatically executes the same tests using a variety of data sources to increase test coverage. The most widely used open-source & freeware automation tool is Selenium.

As more companies move online, web apps’ user experience and functionality are becoming more important in determining a company’s success. As a result, doing appropriate automated testing on web applications before releasing them to the market is necessary.

Selenium is a portable and diverse automation testing framework used to evaluate online applications, and it is one of the finest browser automation suites that we can use for this purpose. It’s also open-source and compatible with a variety of browsers and systems.

Selenium automation is used by CI/CD systems like Maven, Docker, and Jenkins to assist integrate the CI/CD chain. Almost all management tools can be integrated with Selenium.

With LambdaTest you can run your Selenium test automation scripts across online Selenium Grid of Ios, desktop, and Android mobile browsers. This will enable you to develop, test, and deliver faster every time along with automated cross-browser testing


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