How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Agency in Dubai

How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Agency in Dubai

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Choosing a good property agency, especially abroad, becomes a difficult task due to the huge number of offers and a small number of real professionals.

How not to run into scammers, how to find a decent specialist, and what criteria to use when choosing a housing selection company — the official property website Emirates.Estate will try to answer these and other exciting questions.

Why Is It Necessary to Use the Services of Agents? 

You pass some part of cases to a specialist — thereby actually you save your money because time is also a resource and can be monetized. When you are engaged in independent selection and search, without having experience, you spend more time and effort — such savings are many times more expensive than paying an agent once for the work done.

Not being a professional in the field of real estate, a person risks encountering unscrupulous owners who forge documents or conduct other fraudulent schemes. And you are not just risking wasting time — you are really putting a large amount of money on the line, equivalent to the cost of your future real estate in Dubai.

By delegating authority, you get housing faster.

Private Agent or Agency — What Is the Difference? 

A private realtor is your choice if your goal is to save money as much as possible, and not in a high-quality choice of property in Dubai. Such a “specialist” may not have an office, a work phone, or business experience — with any requests to confirm experience or provide information about qualifications, the expert will simply disappear because it is much easier for him to find more compliant and flexible clients.

Moreover, the absence of the necessary documents from the intermediary threatens you with problems: you have no place to live, and no one to complain about if there is an unexpected situation or a design problem in an investment apartment in Dubai.

A less cheap, but more reliable option would be to search for a real estate agency in the UAE. This form of activity has a number of advantages:

  • Ordering services on the “all-inclusive” principle — legal assistance, housing assessment, organization checks;
  • The presence of several offices or branches — you can choose where it is more convenient to apply, and you also know that in case of force majeure, you will have a place to live;
  • Data relevance — companies always conduct training for specialists, as well as firms are the first to learn about new changes in legislation, most often this happens automatically by e-mail from the government;
  • Urgency — real estate agencies are connected with government agencies and therefore have the opportunity to conduct a transaction for you faster and without queues.

The only drawback compared to private agents is the higher price for the services provided.

Choosing a Property Agency in Dubai: What to Pay Attention To 

When choosing assistants who will become intermediaries in the search for your dream property in Abu Dhabi, you should be guided by the following parameters.


It would also be appropriate to ask how the specialists of the company update their knowledge and qualifications. These can be diplomas of masterclasses or certificates of advanced training. Highly qualified specialists can even be members of professional associations of realtors, which gives them the opportunity to exchange experience with colleagues in this field.

Business Reputation 

The reputation of any respectable company consists of several parameters:

  • Internet responses;
  • Real-life recommendations;
  • The presence or absence of complaints and lawsuits.

You should check online resources to find out all the reviews, at least. In a good agency, you will find reviews not only on your own website but also on the Internet in general.

Contract Work 

If the company does not want to enter into a contract with you, this indicates that the company is afraid of obligations. So it will not take risks either. Then what are you paying money for? You should not contact such a real estate agency, there is a chance that you will lose your money.

The contract must contain the names of the chief executive officer — the director, the president of the company or, at least, the acting director.

If something in the contract seems doubtful to you, and the agent delays the deadline for signing the contract. This is a reason to think. And if there are other questionable factors, it is better to look for another company.


A respectable company will not charge you full payment for choosing an investment property in Dubai until the transaction is completed. Such an agency can offer you one of two options:

  • Full post-payment after choosing a home;
  • Prepayment (a small initial payment) before the selection and the full balance after the transaction.

The terms of payment, as well as the terms of contract cancellation, must be spelled out.

Working Life on the Market 

Of course, young firms also work well — but if you are looking for a proven company, you should pay attention to companies that have been working on the market for a long time.

Their database is better, and their methods are more accurate. You can find out information both on the Internet and from the company itself — it is enough to request information about the time when the company was opened.

The experience of employees is equally important, and you can request appropriate information on how many years a particular agent has been working in this position.

Availability of a Lawyer 

An important point, it is especially important that this is a specialist who has a license to work in the UAE. You need a professional who understands the laws of the Emirates. It is also essential that he has experience working in Dubai, because in this country each emirate makes its own rules, including in the housing sector.

Emirates. Estate Will Help You Find an Apartment in Dubai 

Emirates. Estate is a professional in the selection of real estate in the UAE. Our specialists will help you to find an apartment or a house in Dubai, prepare necessary documents and start a rental business in the emirate.

Start searching for your dream flat in Dubai today — together with Emirates. Estate!


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