Repair USB cables: is it Possible and Advisable?

Repair USB cables: is it Possible and Advisable?

If you have ever broken the charger cable of your smartphone or some other device you may have tried to fix it with a little bit of zeal but, is it the best way to repair a USB cable? And what’s more, is it advisable to fix it like that?

Although it is hanging by a thread we tend to try to repair the USB cable of the charger with zeal, superglue or anything else that we have on hand.


If this does not work it is not surprising that we turn to the great know-it-all Google to find out how to fix the cable of our smartphone. You may find yourself with a few solutions, but the most sophisticated ones are not free.

Repair USB cables: is it Possible and Advisable?

The question is, is it worth buying products to try to fix the USB cable instead of buying a new one? Not really. To begin with, you can find chargers for good smartphones at an affordable price online and you’ll probably end up costing the same as fixing it. Also, sooner or later it will break completely and you will have to replace it.

However, if it is a more expensive charger – like the computer – if it is worth trying to repair it if what is damaged is the external coverage. If we are talking about the cables themselves better do not bother.

Of course, beware of broken cables, try not to leave them unattended. Although it is very unlikely, if a short circuit occurs it could create a fire and it is not a watering that you want to take.




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First of all, start to take better care of your chargers to avoid breaking the USB cable at first. It is a normal consequence of use but there are some measures we can take to take better care of them.

To begin, try not to bend them abruptly, as the coverage will end up breaking. So, try not to use your phone while it is charging, as you will turn the cable weakening it. However, if you really want to extend the life of your charger the best thing you can do is invest some more money in it, in the end, the cheap is expensive.

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