How Tech Is Revolutionizing the Future of Travel

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Technology is affecting all spheres of our lives, and the travel industry is yet another example. Many people wonder how technology influences traveling and whether it exists in real life.

How Tech Is Revolutionizing the Future of Travel

Even if we don’t realize it from the first moment, almost all things we undertake when traveling have to do something with technology – from booking accommodation or flights to using AI-based services.

To find more about new opportunities for travel companies caused by tech advancements, be sure to check a detailed review on this topic.

Booking Becomes More Affordable

People now have more opportunities to enjoy the booking process as a result of the introduction of new products and services. You can now book flights, hotel rooms, or private jet flights on somewhere like Jettly with just a few clicks.

With new achievements in the industry, travel companies have begun to offer favorable deals and promotions in order to remain competitive. An example is Jettly who offers “empty leg flights”, cheaper flights meant to fill an otherwise empty plane. You can also use the internet to find useful websites that recommend the best deals for travelers.

Introduction of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things allows companies to provide people with a hyper-personalized experience. IoT-based experience will be the main factor that undertakes the industry’s transformation.

It will be one of the main transformative elements in the personalization of the user experience over the following years.

You can also see the car rental companies thinking about syncing up their apps with the vehicles, allowing customers to manage car settings from their mobile.

Or event some hotel companies are providing apps to enable customers to use their mobile phones to check in to the hotel, enter their hotel room, control the rooms thermostat and manage the lights from a mobile app thus allowing customers contactless travel.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is another revolutionary achievement in the tech world, aimed at decentralizing the payment experience and reducing fees.

Blockchain is beneficial for every company in the market, independent of its expertise. The technology removes the necessity for the validation and confirmation of transactions, saving both money and time for business actors.

Blockchain technology also works with shared records which means that every change could be seen by other individuals from the chain.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is also useful for travel companies. Thanks to the inclusion of AI models, businesses are now able to supply people with a real travelling experience.

With augmented models and features, customers are taken to their dream destination with the help of enhanced technology. Travel enthusiasts can take advantage of museum or city tours with an AI environment and get the most out of the adventure.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are useful in people’s daily activities, thus becoming a part of our routine. We also use them when travelling and exploring new things.

For example, we can mention the Alexa device, which is helpful when booking a flight, looking for a certain place of prices.

Travel companies have recognized a necessity to be more accessible by users. Today most of them have already synced mobile platforms for Virtual Assistants.

Mobile Technology

If we should underline the most beneficial and practical tool when travelling, it would definitely be the internet and smartphones.

These devices provide people with countless information regarding the best destinations, tours, restaurants, and many more. With our phones, we can reserve a place in our favourite bar or book accommodation.

What’s more important, you can do everything with just a few clicks and make the most out of your travel experience.

Based on TripAdvisor research, about 45% of travellers take advantage of mobile apps and smartphones to prepare all things related to vacation starting from booking to searching for the best places in the city.

Almost all businesses have already created mobile apps to introduce their services and provide people with a better user experience. There are also enterprises that invented reward-based apps to enhance brand engagement during travelling.

5G Technology

As we already mentioned, the Internet has become a part of our daily levels. We use the web to search various things and trips are one of the searchable categories.

It means that a reliable internet connection has a very important role when booking a trip and looking for additional information online.


With the introduction of the 5G internet, the world of technology has been revolutionized. Travel companies which already have access to the 5G network are capable of delivering a more flexible and customer-centric VR experience.

It also increases the reliability and overall satisfaction among users.

Technology will keep revolutionizing the future of travel and people should only enjoy the process and get the most out of it.


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