5 Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity by Managing Your Employees?

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The ratio of effectiveness versus efficiency is used in the calculation of sales productivity. If we keep it simple, the ratio of the inputs you are giving and the output you are getting is the sales productivity.

5 Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity by Managing Your Employees?

In order to improve your sales productivity, you need to maximize the sales results along with minimizing the resources, for example, time, effort, money.  As per the reports, 70% of sales respondents state that the sales procedure of their companies has become more complex.

So, in order to drive sales productivity, you need to implement strategies that will manage your employees and improve the overall sales productivity. Here are 5 of those strategies that you need to apply from today onwards.

Offer Efficient Sales on Boarding and Ongoing Coaching

You can start with a new sales representative and make them stand with sales onboarding, which teaches good sales productivity habits. The proper training and skills are negotiable essential for maximizing the sales productivity of your company.

You need to think and plan beyond the tradition. The study says that 87% of the sellers usually forget the content that they were taught during their initial days of training. So, starting with ongoing training is a must.

Utilize AI-Powered Sales Guidance

Strong training always goes hand-in-hand, of course, with sales guidance that enhances the sales productivity by saving the time of the seller along with offering dynamic assistance. Guided selling tools involve content, data, scripts, templates whenever the reps need it.

In order to predict, learn, and provide the best pieces of information to the sellers for any kind of given selling scenario, the best sales guidance solution utilizes the potential of Artificial Intelligence. This will save both the time and energy of the sellers.

Implement Integrated and Interactive Sales Playbooks

For any guided selling strategy, along with boosting sales productivity, sales playbooks are the foundation. In this modern age, you also need to create modern playbooks. Here are the 5 steps of doing that.

  • Define the methodology of your sales.
  • Map your sales process to the buying process of your buyer.
  • Develop clearly defined plays, and make them pretty straightforward, specifically for the sellers for taking effective action in a given particular scenario.
  • Along with emulating your “A” grade players within the playbook, also harness their knowledge.
  • Keep it short, and do not make the seller sift through and check which piece of content is the most prominent.

You also can Download our intuitive staff scheduling app for improving sales productivity directly.

Optimize Using Engagement Analytics

When you do not measure it, you will never be able to improve sales productivity. Analytics always offer the essential pieces of data that you need to investigate the strategies that you have applied and make the necessary changes as per the result.

You can start by evaluating which metrics are the most crucial. Some of them are as follows.

  • Win rate.
  • Call rate.
  •  Pipeline conversion rate.
  • Sales cycle length.
  • The average number of touches.

After doing it, you need to develop a dashboard, which will help you to track along with displaying the data that are making the top performers successful.

A Single System of Truth Centralizes Everything.

Social media, email, chat customer relationship management platforms, along with many other tools that the reps are required to manage. These are the things that keep a back gold on the sales productivity when the reps do not get a single system of truth for enabling their selling.

Have a look at the workflow of your reps. In case they need to shift through multiple databases and systems in order to get the content and support that they need, it is time to pay for solutions, which will consolidate and streamline their sales process.

Final Tips

So, from today you need to follow all these strategies in order to drive sales productivity by managing your employees. You also need to keep in mind that your reps are totally aware and educated about the strategies that you are implementing.


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