Zero Miles Theory:  How to Save 70 Hours a Month and Stop Being Tired

Zero Miles Theory:  How to Save 70 Hours a Month and Stop Being Tired

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The zero-miles theory is a trendy concept whose followers seek to organize their lives so as to spend a minimum of time on the road and, if possible, to move on foot.

Zero Miles Theory:  How to Save 70 Hours a Month and Stop Being Tired

This concept allows for a more intelligent allocation of resources, making life easier and happier. The idea originally originated in the farming community as a way to significantly save on grocery deliveries.

However, it can also be considered in the context of time management, as a real functioning system of saving time.

That’s how zero-miles theory can be implemented in big city life!

Transfer as Many Things as Possible to Online Mode

For example, instead of going to the mall on the edge of town, formulate a shopping list and order clothes with home delivery.

Not only will you save time, but you’ll also get a better selection: large online stores offer a huge assortment, as well as reviews of other shoppers on products.

But not only shopping can be done online, but a number of other things as well! For example, you can easily take a passport photo online, without going to the studio.

The resulting digital passport-sized photos can be used multiple times in the processing of all kinds of documents.

Live Where You Work

The essence of the zero-miles theory is that you do not spend time on the road and avoid other costs associated with the job duties in the office. If so, you can start by looking for freelance work.

When you wake up at home, all you have to do is head over to your desk, make a quick coffee, and get to work.

This way you’ll save at least 2 hours a day on the road, as well as finances because it’s much cheaper to eat lunch at home. And you won’t waste time getting ready for the office (as it usually takes at least 40 minutes every day).

Work Where You Live

If you live in a big city and your place of work is important, you can move to an apartment a stone’s throw away from the office.

If you have rental housing, the issue is easier to settle – just change the apartment. If you own the apartment, you can lease it and relocate yourself near the “X” place.

Of course, in this case, there may be difficulties associated with comfort. Perhaps you made the repairs specifically for yourself and do not want to leave the familiar place.

Then you need to once again assess the bonuses of the theory of the zero miles and make a decision. On the other hand, you can find a rental apartment, which will fully meet your needs and requirements.

Choose Services Close to Your Home

It’s not just about grocery stores – it could include schools and kindergartens, fitness centers, clinics, hair and beauty salons, recycling facilities, libraries, cinemas, and so on.


Of course, it’s easier to find all these things in the center of the metropolis. But even a modest bedroom community can offer many pleasant surprises: for example, a park for walks or a market with a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, and greens.


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