WhatsApp Documents update: How to Send Documents in WhatsApp over Chat

WhatsApp Documents update: How to Send Documents in WhatsApp over Chat

WhatsApp, one of the giant Messaging Platform is being used by billions of people across the world. This instant Messaging app has gained much fame due to its innovative features and many user-friendly features like WhatApp voice calling, video calling, transfer unlimited images, video and audio messages. WhatsApp is the most commonly used IM application across the world, thanks to the millions of users who access it every day. Recently, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp picked up an update that brings with lesser UI tweaks which includes features like pinch to zoom for video and an option to share the photos from cloud services including OneDrive and Google Drive.
WhatsApp has also included a new feature which would let you send documents directly from the app. The new update of WhatsApp allows you to send documents and files within conversations. The users having the updated version of the app on Android and iOS platforms will be able to see this new feature when they try to send an attachment to their friends via chat.

Send Documents Over Chat on WhatsApp – Here’s How

The popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has now launched a new feature that lets you send documents over your chat. Earlier, WhatsApp is lacking this quintessential feature. Previously, if you required sending a file, you had to rename the file with an extension that is recognized by WhatsApp and then send it across. For instance, if the file name was “file.pdf” it had to be changed to “file.jpeg” and the same workaround had to be followed by the receiver while downloading the file.
With the recent update, you can send documents over your chat. Here is the step-by-step procedure to send documents on WhatsApp. Check it out!

  • Sending a document is a matter of just tapping the attachment (paperclip) icon on the top in any chat and choosing the new blue Document icon.
  • You will see an option to send the documents directly. WhatsApp has managed to accommodate the Document button.

Send Documents via WhatsApp chat

  • Upon tapping on the attachment button, it shows a new option called ‘Documents’ on the top left, with Photos and Videos being stuffed into the ‘Camera’ option.

Share document - WhatsApp

  • As of now, users can only send PDF files at the moment. On the other hand, iOS users can also send image attachments from other cloud sources like OneDrive, Dropbox or even Google Drive. We expect these features to slowly expand into Android as well.

Send files on whatsApp

  • Choose any file and it’ll begin uploading in the conversation with a fine preview, PDF icon and the title, followed by the number of pages, size, and type.

How to Send Documents via WhatsApp chat
The capability to send documents will make lives so much comfortable for users, essentially for students who share notes on a frequent basis with their peers. The addition of Documents to the set of shareable media is operating a long way in helping WhatsApp to up its game and compete with the likes of other apps including Telegram, which has been supporting document sending and receiving for a long time. It must be remarked that rival IM client Telegram has had this feature for quite some time now, which is the purpose it is favored by many out there.
If you’re an Android user, you might have to manually download WhatsApp from the company’s official website to get access to these new features while iPhone users should see the feature making its way with the next update if it hasn’t arrived already.
Check whether you have got an updated version of WhatsApp Version 2.12.491 or 2.12.493 if you want to give this new feature a spin. You can also download the apk file from here.


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