The SEO Periodic Table to Become an Expert

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If you want to improve the positioning of your website and become an SEO specialist, review the following periodic table with some of the tactics, concepts, and strategies you must apply to get inbound links, perfect your link-building strategy or get new collaborations.

SEO Periodic Table to Become an Expert


Some of the methods that are most used by SEO experts and digital marketing specialists are to increase the page-rank, visibility, and website traffic are the tactics of acquiring incoming links or backlinks, fundamental to gain status, appear higher in the results offered by Google – the coveted first page of the search engine – and significantly increase the number of visits and the target of the page.

Increase your traffic and improve your strategy with the periodic SEO table

If you are still lost in this matter, one of the online marketing agencies puts solution at your disposal with an interesting didactic resource in the form of infographics, made by its internal team based on its extensive experience in this area. It is a periodic table of links construction and acquisition techniques, sharing some of the most used and effective methods of SEO. Remember that as Matt Cutts said: “the goal is not to make your links look natural, the goal is to be natural”.

Link Begging

These are the low-level methods, and more typical of the era prior to the arrival of the Penguin algorithm – the Penguin 4.0’s main purpose is to fight against spam and junk content by detecting the over-optimization of keywords, the unnatural and/or hidden links for the practices of duplicate and/or copied content – the paid guest post or advertisements can also be included.

Link Building

As such, it is a practice focused on improving the positioning through the incoming links that we obtain from other pages. This technique is closely linked to the concept of PageRank, the rating from 0 to 10 that Google grants to every web page based on the number of incoming links it has. To give you an example, Facebook or Google have a PageRank 10, the highest that exists. In this section of the periodic SEO table, you can visualize a wide range of technical aspects, such as fixing broken links and implementing local SEO link tactics that include regional news presentations, directories and forums. To deepen this technique you can read these key tips to improve the link building strategy.

Link Earning

This technique is the SEO strategy that is born of the natural evolution of the old link building strategies since some of them (not all) involved doing artificial things. At present, it sounds better to have to earn the links than to build them. This section includes collaboration with business partners, influencers, bloggers, non-profit organizations or educational platforms or attraction strategies through social networks, newsjacking practices or interactive content. To implement the link earning method you must be aware of the latest trends, create a loyal audience, automate your social networks, take advantage of viral content, publish MOOCs, relate with professionals in the sector or bet on the video, among others.

SEO Link Building and Acquisition Periodic Table


I hope this article will help you to design the best SEO strategy for your blog or website to increase the traffic. If you have any queries regarding this SEO periodic table, let us know them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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