A Guide on Process of Setting up Led Parking Lot Business

A Guide on Process of Setting up Led Parking Lot Business

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Setting up a parking lot LED setting up a business is way more difficult than you think it to be. There is a predefined process for doing the same and you need to be very careful while you do so.

A Guide on Process of Setting up Led Parking Lot Business

Setting up light is a very good decision but you need to plan it out before you take up the business. So let us check out the steps which are important to figure it out.

Identifying the Area Where Lighting Is Required

The first and foremost important thing is that you need to consider the requirements presented to you. You have to understand which is the area around the corner that requires light and what should be the spacing between each light.

As you are talking about parking lots then you have to check the accommodation it offers. Understanding the requirements is of utmost importance before taking any decision.

Determination of the Length of the Lights Required to Operate

As you are planning to set up LED lights you have to check the length of the exact number of LED lights required for lighting up the area properly without any such hassle.

Think about when the people go home and how much darkness is supposed to be handled by the lights. Then figure out the strength of the LED light requirement.

You also need to consider the duration for which they need to operate so that you can understand the power requirement at that particular position.

Determine the Type of Light Required

Now determine the type and color of the light required by the people. The Parking lot area should have sufficient lighting so that there are no crashes and people can safely use that parking space.

Research about the light you want and understand the standard of requirement in your area. It all depends on the requirement and permissible limits. In urban areas, there may be a requirement for much more lighting altogether.

Have an Excellent Lighting Designer Who Will Be Experienced

You should have an excellent lighting designer who understands the bits and pieces of setting up lighting in an area. Setting up the100w LED parking lot lighting should have a separate procedure.

Convey your understanding and the requirements jotted down. Make sure you get expert advice before finalizing anything you do.

They will know the mounting techniques, the placements, the fixtures, and many more. Provide them the layout so that they can work accordingly.

Figure Out the Pole Setting Locations

Now poles are also a very important part of the LED light set up. As, you are going to set up in the parking lot, so it is very much necessary to place high poles and at centralized positions where the light can be scattered in all the areas evenly.

The central part or at the sides and having a chain of poles at specific distances can also illuminate the area. Make sure you make the foundation of the pole very strong and sturdy.

Make Sure if You Want Electric Enabled or Solar Enabled Lights

Last but not the least, remember to make sure about the requirements. Check if there is a requirement for electric-based lights or they need solar-powered lighting.

Or if there is a requirement for both methods. Solar-enabled lights are energy-efficient and can save a lot of energy.


Parking lots require a lot of lighting and it is absolutely profitable. So, make sure you are sure about all the factors. All the best for your future endeavors!


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