Everything You Should Know About Six Sigma Certification

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Six Sigma training is a term often used when referring to the certification process by which an individual demonstrates that they have achieved mastery of Six Sigma principles. It has become popular in many industries, but it is most widely applied in manufacturing.

The majority of organizations that seek Six Sigma Certification for their employees are large corporations that want their products to be as high quality as possible. In other words, they want to create a product or provide a service that can meet their customer’s needs and expectations 100% of the time.

How Does This Certification Work?

The certification process can vary depending on the organization offering it, but generally speaking, you will need three things to become certified:

The required training courses to get Six Sigma certified are available online or through local organizations specializing in Six Sigma. These courses are usually designed for individuals who already have some background in statistics, Lean, and other similar concepts.

The certification process will cover all aspects of the statistical model known as “Six Sigma,” which is a process that uses data to determine when a company is producing more than expected or less than expected.

The course will teach you how to find these problems and correct them so that you can deliver the high-quality goods and services customers want and expect.

Once you have completed your certification courses, you must pass an exam to get the certification you are looking for. The exam itself is administered by a third party specializing in creating standardized exams.

After passing the exam, you will be able to place “Six Sigma Certified” on your resume, business cards, promotional materials, etc.

How Much Time Does the Six Sigma Certification Process Take?

The certification process for Six Sigma is different because it requires an individual to complete several courses, pass a test, and maintain their credentials by earning professional development units every year.

You may note that many employers will provide resources to help make this process easier for you. Your corporate employer will pay for some or all of the courses you need to become certified.

The Six Sigma Certification process takes around nine months to complete, but some organizations can make it happen in as little as three months. Typically, the complete training and certification process will take around a year.

How to Find the Right Training Course Online?

If you are interested in being Six Sigma certified, the first thing you will need to do is locate a training course that meets your needs. Many providers offer online courses, and it may be possible for you to take some year-long classes in just one semester.

When you find training courses that interest you, make sure to get the course objectives, delivery method (online or in-person), and more.

Check the Reviews

Before taking an online course, read all available reviews and list the pros and cons of each course. This research will help you make a more informed decision about continuing your training to become certified in this course.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Before registering for certification courses, you should check with your employer to ensure it fits their current needs. Depending on the company’s needs, you may need to start the training right away or wait until later.

After finding a course and signing up for it, plan on completing an average of ten to twelve hours of training each week. Spend this time studying as well as taking practice exams.

After you have completed all your courses and passed your exam, maintaining your certification will take about twenty hours of professional development every year.

How Much Money Will Certification Cost?

The cost of training and certification can vary widely depending on the course provider, the location you choose to study, and even the current economic situation in your area. The best place to start looking for affordable training courses is online, where many competing organizations offer similar services.

For most certification courses, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $5,000 for the entire process.

Is Six Sigma Certification for You?

The certification is worth considering if you want to advance your career in manufacturing. Before pursuing the certification, discuss it with your employer to see if it will help boost your career in the company.

Also, ask yourself what aspects of this program are most important to you and how much time and money you will need.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to put in the work and the time, then Six Sigma training is for you. It will help give your career a boost by providing employers with something they want, i.e., an assurance of quality products.


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