Slack Hacks: Top 7 Tips To Help Master Time Management At The Workplace

Slack Hacks: Top 7 Tips To Help Master Time Management At The Workplace

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According to a report from 2020, every one in nine employees spend at least 15 hours per week on administrative non-business work. For solopreneurs, the statistics are even worse as they spend close to 31% of their weekly time sorting out their finances rather than focusing on business.

But that’s also important since one cannot run the company without the proper administrative and financial work.

Time management is crucial to achieve the business goals and improve team efficiency, hence the need for effective time management and how to efficiently use processes so that you spend more on utilizing the time to increase business productivity.

Here are some Slack hacks for your ready reckoned:

1. Slack Integrations: You must have noticed that when you need to work with multiple applications, your focus, and productivity rate may decrease. Hence in situations like these, you can opt to use other Slack integrations, apart from setting/updating your Slack status.

Slack integrations can aid in improving your overall productivity rate. By effectively reducing the amount of time that you might have to spend on switching between different apps, Slack integrations offer a neat but subtle difference.

Although not all users might see this at first, as they get the hang of it, they will realize how efficient and time-saving integrations like these are in their daily work efforts. For example- google docs, sheets, Trello, Asana, and other applications have an integrated Slack app too.

2. Marking A Message As Important: To classify a message as necessary, you may choose to star them. Star messages mean that they are saved and accessible by tapping on a button later whenever you want.

You may star a message as crucial by simply hovering your mouse over the message, and then you will see the option to start it right next to the message timer.

Alternatively, you can access every one of your starred messages using the keyboard shortcut-Ctrl + Shift + S. By starring important messages, you can keep an effective tab on what work matters most and respond accordingly.

3. Priority: At times, you may get too much work on your plate; hence you should try and put your Slack status accordingly. If you are not too careful about it, you may miss critical, time-sensitive work and then get puzzled about how you could miss such important work.

For example- you could be in a crucial client meeting, but your co-workers may not know this, so they may constantly ping you on Slack. Therefore if you think of the need, set your Slack status accordingly so that you may concentrate on the work at hand.

4. Automatic Reminders: This is one of Slack’s most highly used features. Using the Slackbot, you can set automated reminder notifications about different alert events. For example- you can set a personal reminder by typing in the company “/remind me + reminder + time you want to be reminded about it.”

There are other commands available, too, if you wish to explore. To see them all, type /remind list. This feature can help you in a lot of ways. For example- you may tend to forget about meaningful work, but if you set a reminder, you will automatically be reminded, which will immensely benefit you.

5. Unread Messages: This is a central problem in big organizations. Since there are a lot of employees, and they all may text you over Slack, you may not find the time to read them all. Hence this feature of unread messages may help you immensely.

Every unread message can be read under one page. You can also view every one of the unread messages, be it from different employees, channels, groups, or others. Use this command to view them Ctrl + Shift +A.

6. Multitasking By Using Quick Commands: Many people use quick Slack commands. Using these quick commands, you can multitask, i.e., work on the side and update your Slack status, join any channel, activate ‘do not disturb mode,’ invite any other employee to any platform, and other functionalities.

At the same time, this is a handy tool that can aid you in wasting time that would have otherwise been spent on these tedious tasks.

Slack’s quick commands are one of our top Slack hacks; Slack has a way of making your work more accessible, and we love that about Slack.

7. Customization: You have often got an annoying string of Slack notifications. The notification itself may not be annoying, but how it is delivered may disturb you during severe work. The good thing is that you can customize them by going to preferences and then notifications.

You can activate the do not disturb mode, set up keywords for specific notifications, and may even choose the type of notification, i.e., on a laptop, mobile, email, or other devices. So use this feature to set your notification preferences so that absolutely nothing gets between your work.


Use the above guide to master workplace time management and improve productivity.