Snailink EZ Talk – Amazing iPhone Battery Case With Integrated Earphone Review

Snailink EZ Talk – Amazing iPhone Battery Case With Integrated Earphone Review

Tech monsters perpetually crave for purchasing their desired gadgets soon after its launch. One of the most expensive and extravagant smartphones is undoubtedly an iPhone. Everyone wishes to own an iPhone that comes with amazing high-end specifications and awesome features. At the same time, one must be pretty much cautious while maintaining an iPhone. The battery is the essential necessity for every smartphone and this will be more in the case of an iPhone. For many of us, the battery of an iPhone doesn’t last a full day which becomes a big problem for those who stay for long time outdoor.
Snailink EZ Talk Battery Case for iPhone
But that doesn’t imply all hope dissipates. You really need a case that can recharge your iPhone’s battery without having to plug it into the wall. A battery case will safeguard your phone from the typical dings and damage because of regular usage, just like any other case. But when your iPhone is becoming low on juice, you can simply jerk a switch on your battery case and recharge it anytime anywhere without the need of hunting for an outlet, no confining to a desk, no hassles needed.

There are a ton of battery cases that assure to charge your iPhone while providing protection. But, you need to be careful while choosing a battery case that offers battery power to your handset in the best way. If you’re looking for a best battery case for your iPhone, you can go for Snailink EZ Talk battery case. It is an amazing battery case that comes with an integrated retractable earphone alongside best features. Here is the complete review of the EZ Talk battery case. Have a look!

Snailink EZ Talk Battery Case for iPhone

Snailink EZtalk Battery case is a product made by Host Management Consulting S.A. which is a company inspired by Foxconn. This product is exclusively marketed in India by Maatu.inMaatu is a brand of ADM Enterprises Private Limited( Snailink is a high-quality mobile accessory brand which is specially designed for iPhone. The major constraint for an iPhone is that it runs out of battery in no time due to the apps, videos, and music, which makes us go in a panic. Instantly, we don’t find next power source and this leads us to carry additional accessories such as charging USB cables or power banks.
Snailink EZ Talk Battery Case for iPhone
Snailink has designed an innovative iPhone battery case with an inbuilt auto-retractable earphone that allows users relish their music or personal calls anywhere, and always have it with them while it retracts back to the battery case when users are done. EZtalk Battery Case for iPhone assists the users in the best way to recharge their iPhone wherever they need. The battery case is priced at an affordable price range of Rs. 5,999. 

Features of EZtalk Battery Case

1. Retractable Earphone

Snailink battery case features built-in earbuds that can be stored inside the case. The wire comes attached to the case and it is designed with a mechanism that can withstand pulling for 30000 times.

2. Protective Case

The battery comes with a protective shield that protects the device from any damage. The protective case is made up of durable polycarbonate with an anti-scratching coating. The back of the case covers the camera from getting impacts and dirt.

3. Slot for SIM Card and SIM Ejector

The battery case also has built-in storage for placing a nano-SIM card along with an ejector pin. It is very easy to change the SIM card is required.

4. Rechargeable Battery

The Snailink EZtalk battery case comes with a built-in 2650mAh Li-Polymer battery that provides 100% additional charge. There is an LED indicator below the case that indicates the power level of the battery. You need not carry any other battery separately.




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5. Black and Gold Finish

The battery case comes in the black and gold finish. It is MFI certified, has patented design and is exclusively made for iPhone 6/6s

Benefits of Using EZtalk Battery Case

  • There are many benefits to having a battery case.
  • Eliminate your battery anxiety.
  • Relieves you up from being tethered to a wall outlet.
  • Protects your handset from ordinary wear and tear.
  • This battery case makes your phone considerably large and heavy, but it is easy to remove when you don’t require the additional battery capacity.
  • It provides easy to access the volume buttons and power key on the iPhone and doesn’t block the speaker or microphones.
  • One of the best advantages of this battery case is that it comes with an integrated earphone.

Final Verdict

Snailink EZtalk Battery Case is an amazing battery case that helps users charge their iPhone anytime, anywhere just by a simple push of a button. You need not carry any additional battery accessories like power banks and USB cables. This EZtalk battery case allows users to choose whether to charge or save some energy for when they need it most. Snailink EZtalk battery case is the best battery case for your iPhone with pretty much-charging performance, ease of use, and cost.

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