13 Snapchat Secrets and Tricks That You Surely Did Not Know

Snapchat Secrets and Tricks
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Snapchat is one of the most popular ephemeral messaging applications in the world, especially among the millennial sector. We will reveal a few secrets and tricks of Snapchat that you surely did not know. 

If you already know the app of the yellow ghost, you probably have to discover numerous tricks and keys to handle it better. Snapchat, the instant messaging application that became popular with ephemeral content, stickers, and fun made filters and masks  – although today, Instagram Storie’s dazzle and has a lot to contribute.

13 Snapchat Secrets and Tricks That You Surely Did Not Know

Although at first glance, Snapchat is not the easiest application to use in the world. It has numerous features that many users are unaware of and therefore, do not take advantage of everything they could. Here are some of the best tricks and tips for using it properly and having more fun.

All the secret tricks of Snapchat are listed below.

Access all the options from the main page 

To do this, drag the screen down and click on the wheel at the top right.

Check the privacy options in the Who can 

Here you can choose which users can contact you and access your conversations. In addition, if you accept giving your phone number you can validate your account every time you access from a new device with an SMS. Just like two-step verification. 

You can use multiple filters at the same time on the same image 

You can add a graphics filter – change the colors, but the photograph in black and white – and an additional one, showing, for example, the hour. Sliding to one side you will find various filters. When you find one you like, you can hold it and slide the screen with another finger to choose the second. Awesome isn’t it?

Limit battery consumption with this trick 

Snapchat consumes a lot of battery and mobile data. You can use the trip mode, which enables you to disable automatic loading of images and videos. You will find it in Settings> (options) Manage> Travel mode.

Change the size and orientation of the emoji and the text that you incorporate

Press on T to write the text, pressing on the color palette that you can find it on the right, you can enlarge or reduce to your whim and determine the degree of inclination.

Switch to the rear camera to make a video 

Although the most common thing is to use the front camera, you can use the camera change button, located at the top of the screen and consisting of arrows. 

Rename your contacts

To have better management of your contacts, hold the name you want to change, click on the icon of the wheel, modify the name and save it.

Create your geolocation filters 

Snapchat’s geographic filters are divided into three categories: celebrations, birthdays and weddings. If you enter the web and log in with your Snapchat account, you can delete and add text in any of the available templates, as well as change the color palette.

Expand your number of best friends

Snapchat selects three best friends by default – those with which you send more snaps – but you can expand the number to 5 or 7 in the Settings section.

See a snap successive times  

You only have to activate the Replay option and repeat each snap once a day.

Changing the camera in the same video 

To swap the front and back cameras you only have to press twice on the screen while you are recording, thus making the recording more dynamic.

Accelerate or slow a video just by sliding your finger horizontally over the video

You’ll find a hare and snail symbol to make the recording go faster or slower.

To bleach or blacken an image 

To do this, you must press the color bar in the drawing tool and move your finger towards the upper left corner of the screen for the white case and towards the lower-left corner if you prefer black. iPhone users have more colors in the palette.

Increase the length of texts 

Go to your mobile device’s notepad, press enter several times, and paste it in the text bar, thus extending the number of characters available.

Awesome isn’t it? I hope this article helps you to use Snapchat more easily and conveniently. If you have any queries or facing any issues with Snapchat, let us know in the below comment section. We will get back to you to solve all your questions as soon as possible.

Would you like to add any other important points to this Snapchat story? Then write them in the below comment section and we will include them in the article.

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