Social Media Safety Tips for Students

Social Media Safety Tips for Students

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Thanks to the development of modern technology, students enjoy an incredible variety of new options. They can communicate at any suitable time via messaging, sharing photos and videos. Communication can be carried out at huge distances with people from quite different countries. Social media platforms make communication more interactive and vivid. Teenagers spend many hours on social media every day. It is an inevitable part of their lives. In the meanwhile, they risk being bullied or exposing their private data to dishonest people.

Lauren Bradshaw is a professional academic writer and essay expert from CustomWritings, as well as a famous blogger. People trust her creations and value her opinions. She frequently covers topics related to students, education, communication, entertainment, and social media. That is why we think that her opinion is crucial for this topic.

Here is what she says: “Social media takes a vital part in the life of younger generations. However, teens do not give enough heed to their online safety. Before they share at least one fact about themselves on social media platforms, they ought to secure their cyber safety”. We agree with Lauren and have prepared this helpful guide. It clarifies to students how to ensure online safety on social media platforms.

Use Strong Passwords

First, you are to create an account on this or that social media platform. When you do that, you should use a login and a password. Give close heed to the latter. It should never be simple! Hackers easily access profiles with weak passwords. The most widely spread weak passwords are:

  • Your name and surname;
  • The date of birth (yours or someone from your family);
  • The name of a favorite book, movie, etc.;
  • Phone number and something of the kind.

Make your password as difficult as possible. It should consist of at least 8 symbols. Make a mix of letters and figures. Besides, you may use capitalization of letters and add special symbols, such as – #, &, $, *, and others.

Additional tip: Make a habit of changing your password from time to time.

Verify Your Connections

You should check people you make friends with on social media platforms. You may be sure and safe about people you know. These are your family members, friends, and acquaintances. Many users want to extend their network by adding unknown people. It may not be a good idea as there are many fake accounts and frauds that may corrupt your privacy. Be sure you add only verified and real people.

Privatize Your Profile

It is vital to restrict access to your profile. Luckily, the modern development of social media ensures this crucial option. You need to access the settings of your profile and make it private. Thus, only your followers will be able to review your posts and any information about you. Other users may only apply to become your friends. After you approve them, they will also access your profile. Watch the previous precautions when you approve them.

Evaluate What You Post

Many social media users seem not to care about what they share on their favorite platforms and may regret that. The topics you share may be provocative. Especially when you write about politics, religion, private life, racism, and something of the kind. Before you post such topics, be sure they do not offend someone else. Otherwise, you may have great problems with hatred towards your persona. Some profiles are even blocked by the authorities of social media platforms if they are overly offensive.

You should also give close heed to the photos and pictures you post. Some of them may be offensive. The others may be too intimate. Do not forget that different people can use them for different illegal purposes. If you do not want to have your photos spread throughout the Internet, be selective and watchful.

Avoid Over-Friending

The next tip is similar to the first one. We want to insist on choosing your network. If you add too many friends, you risk being corrupted. It is necessary to verify all the candidates before they are accepted as friends. Besides, you should regularly check what they comment on your posts. Perhaps they try to discriminate against you or somehow offend you. Delete and block such users immediately!

Hide Your Location and Private Data

Another crucial tip to follow is to hide all personal information about you. For example, many people tend to post their location. If you show where you live, you create danger for yourself. Some insane people may come to your home and do some ugly things or even threaten your life and the life of your family.

You should never reveal your address, as well as your phone number. You may show locations you currently visit. For example, you go to a foreign country. It is quite alright because you will leave it soon. Your residency must be kept safe and secret.

Be Extra Watchful with Your Business Accounts

Today, social media platforms have become perfect for establishing and promoting all kinds of businesses. Some sell cosmetics or cars, the others offer their services and handmade products. It is a fast and reliable way to find thousands of clients and thus earn a lot. Nevertheless, it is risky as well.

All business accounts are meant to be public and anyone can access them to check the data you post there. Accordingly, you ought to be 100% confident that you do not reveal anything about yourself. Do not use your:

  • Real name;
  • Address;
  • Main phone number;

Leave a secondary number to solve business affairs and send products via express services.

The Bottom Line

If you are present on at least one social media platform, you ought to do your best to ensure your online safety. Many dishonest people may use your private data for illegal purposes or just to bully you. By following our crucial and simple security tips, you will be able to ensure your online presence to enjoy communication without any worries about your private data.


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