Social Network Trends for 2018 That Your Business Should Follow

Social Network Trends for 2018 That Your Business Should Follow

Currently, Facebook has the amazing number of users almost like 2 billion, which is a quarter of the world’s population. To give you a more visual idea, the number of profiles created in what can undoubtedly be the most powerful social network exceeds the total population of India and the United States together.

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With these data jumping to the headlines habitually, it is normal that more and more companies understand that social networks are the most effective way to reach their audiences. And is that if we stop to look at our daily routine, how many times we stop to take a look at the mobile and see what happens on Facebook, who has uploaded an image to Instagram or being more professional, reading an interesting article on LinkedIn.

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The number of postings on social networks are increasing every day. At the same time, the number of audiences who are checking them is also increased. Because of this rapid growth in updates and publications are getting companies to invest more and more in social and digital advertisements in front of classic media such as television and radio.

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And it is obvious that this will sooner show the changes in almost all the social networks. if you want to get the best outputs then you have to follow the trends in social networks that all business should follow in 2018 to stay updated and be successful, according to the Forbes portal.

Social Network Trends for 2018 Business

Below are the advanced social media trends for 2018.

Goodbye, free reach on social networks

For years, the organic reach of companies on Facebook, that is, the one that is not driven by money has been decreasing, reaching a minimum of 2%. Now it seems that Facebook can finally end this definitely.  And it is that as they seem to indicate the last tests carried out by the social network, in the future it pretends to separate completely the news of our contacts of those related to the companies and brands that we follow. In short, Facebook could become a payment platform for companies, not unlike traditional pay-to-play advertising channels such as TV or billboards.




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Videos on Social Networks

The videos will be one of the great trends in social networks of the year. We never tired of saying it, the video is the future, not only of social networks but of the Internet in general. Video ads and recorded tutorials or reviews are increasingly dominating our channels on Facebook and Snapchat, and are growing on Instagram, Twitter and even on LinkedIn. Almost half of the companies are already implementing social videos, and another 26% plan to implement it in 2018. One piece of advice, do not get lost in the number of people and try to measure what users do with your videos if they attract new visitors or convert according to your objective.

QR codes

QR codes may be present on social networks. This fall, Apple included an unexpected update on their iOS 11: a native QR code reader. Now, all you have to do is point your iPhone camera to a code, and it activates automatically. The codes can be used to log in to Wi-Fi networks and avoid tedious passwords, make a purchase with PayPal and even send messages and tweets. Keeping in mind that QR codes are still one of the easiest ways to join the real world and online, do not be surprised if you start seeing them everywhere in 2018, especially now that 700 million iPhone users have a scanner in the pocket.

Marketing in Milliseconds

One of the trends in social media for next year will be “marketing in milliseconds”. Many of the basic tasks of social networks, from scheduling the best moment to publish something to finding attractive content to share, have already been automated. But in 2018, we hope to see that Artificial Intelligence and related tools play an increasingly important role in the exchange of messages. Instead of having to “guess” which content will get the most clicks, users could automate campaigns so that better-performing publications increase instantly.

Clouds of Business software

The clouds of business software will boost its presence in social networks. Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn led to a silent arms race among major software vendors to integrate and update the features of social media. Microsoft has already advanced the integration of LinkedIn’s massive professional listings in Outlook and Dynamics 365, which means that companies can instantly access social data about potential customers and customers to personalize emails and messages. And companies like Oracle, IBM or Adobe have followed in their footsteps.

More video, less organic traffic and better tools for the automation of our campaigns are some of the trends in social networks that companies will find in the next year.

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I hope this article will help you to increase your business in social networks online. If you have any queries regarding any of the trends, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
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Which Social Media Network do you use more to get the best results?


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