Things to do if Your Mobile Phone Does Not Have Network Coverage

Things to do if Your Mobile Phone Does Not Have Network Coverage

If your mobile has network coverage problems, do not be scared. You do not have to stay incommunicado while travelling or lose sight of your professional life. There are always solutions to the mobile network connecting problems.

The network coverage is now more important than ever since in addition to calls it is essential to be able to access the Internet permanently, even when travelling. In fact, there is already an important part of the teleworking workforce, which is why solutions such as routers with Internet 4G have proliferated.


However, mobile coverage problems are still common in some remote areas and even in large cities. Sometimes the cut in the signal is due to an easily remedied error. We explain what you can do about it.

Solutions to do if your Mobile Phone Does not have Network Coverage Area

Here are the possible solutions to this annoying problem.

Restart the mobile or the connection

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the coverage problems in the mobile are solved by restarting it. It may just be stuck in a network that does not work or connected to an antenna whose performance is not optimal.

Try setting the airplane mode for a few seconds and then deactivating it. If this does not work, turn the phone off and on so that the processor modem reboots.




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Modify the APN

The APN or Access Point is what links your SIM and your mobile to the networks of a certain company. It is not always essential to do it but it may be that way if things do not work as they should.

It’s about filling in a few seconds in a form. The instructions must be provided by your operator. Just look on the Internet “Configure APN” followed by the name of your telephone company.

This should solve the coverage problems with respect to the mobile network.

Activate data roaming

Although activating data roaming your smartphone will warn you of possible additional costs, this does not have to be the case.

Now that roaming has been eliminated across the EU, it is advisable to have roaming enabled. This option allows your mobile to connect to antennas of companies outside your SIM.

Maybe there are no antennas near your operator and therefore you have no coverage.

Try removing the case

This problem is not usual, but sometimes it happens. All phones have an antenna, although they are not as visible as before. That means you can cover it and that’s why you have connection problems.

Sometimes it is the on one that covers themselves that plug these antennas, so try to take it off and see how the signal intensity evolves.

Check with your operator

Lastly, if none of the above has solved your coverage problems in the mobile, then you have to call your operator. They can tell you what the problem is, especially if it is due to a specific problem in your coverage map.

Some companies can even remotely modify your network settings so you can connect to the Internet.

I hope this article will help you to solve all your network coverage problems. If you have any other queries let us know in the below comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.


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