4 Ways to Start a Business With the Roland BN-20      

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Gone are the days when cutting and printing used to be different tasks. With the innovations in printing and cutting technologies, these two essential tasks have been combined into one.

4 Ways to Start a Business With the Roland BN-20      

Printing decals, vinyl, or stickers have never been more convenient. Some printers like the Roland BN-20 can be used as a printer and a cutting device. Such printers allow business owners to print a variety of materials ranging from T-shirts to paper.

These printers are easy to use and open a lot of doors to display creativity. Owning an all-in-one printer can present many business opportunities.

You can start a small business of making custom decals, T-shirts, signage, and window cling to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with nothing but just a printer and computer.

As a small business making custom prints, you can target other small businesses in your area. For instance, you can strike a deal with a local cafe to print their coasters, window clings, T-shirts and signages.

You can print all of these items using just a single printer machine which lowers your cost. The custom printing business is scalable, and as you onboard more clients, you can invest in more printers.

Before exploring the business possibilities of a printing business, here are some of the best features of a cutting and printing machine.

Features of a Good Quality Cutting and Printing Machine

1. Enhanced Image Quality on the Prints

A top-tier printing and cutting machine like the Roland BN-20 uses inkjet technology to print high-quality designs on a variety of surfaces. Such printers can generate prints having up to 1440 dpi (dots per inches). These printers use variable droplet technology to produce clean and crisp prints.

2. Print and Cut Using Only One Machine

All-in-one printers streamline the process of producing custom vinyl or decals as cutting the prints is automated. This enables you to generate prints without manually reloading or cutting them.

Business owners achieve more efficiency and improve their hourly earning average since production increases.

3. Convenient Loading of Printing Materials

Printing and cutting machines are equipped with innovative feed systems that automate feeding rolls in the printer. The driver roller wheels are automatically adjusted per the width of materials you wish to print on.

Different machines have different configurations of roll materials and their weight. So, ensure you consider your needs before investing in a printer.

4. Easily Operable Machinery

Most printing and cutting machines provide the users’ software to control the printers. The software enables the users to control the essential functions of the device.

Monitoring software helps the user overlook production costs and other details of the machine, such as the wear and tear of the parts or maintenance reminders.

5. Easy to Use Software for Designing

When you buy a printer device like the Ronald BN-20, they provide their customers with easy-to-use designing software. Users can create texts, import their designs, and edit the layout for specific print customizations using their proprietary software.

Business Applications of Printing and Cutting Machines

There are plenty of businesses that you can begin with just a computer and a printing machine, but here are some of the most popular opportunities owning a printer opens up for you. One can start their business endeavors with little or no experience in these fields.

1. Make Custom Stickers

To make perfect stickers for commercial use, one needs a vinyl printer and a precision cutting device to cut the printed design. An all-in-one printer combines the vinyl cutter and printer to streamline the process.

These printers can simultaneously print colorful vinyl and cut them as per the shape.

The process is called contour cutting, wherein the cutter uses a laser pointing device and blades to precisely cut decals up to 0.1mm.

As a small business, you can reach out to companies and offer to print custom stickers for them, which they can use on their laptop, water bottles, vehicles, and much more.

On the other hand, you can take the orders directly from the consumers. You can offer preset sticker designs to customers or take custom orders.

Online marketplaces like Etsy are a boon for budding designers to sell their unique custom stickers directly.

2. Window Clings

Window clings, or decals, are stickers installed on glass windows for promotional or signage purposes. Almost every store you walk by has a window decal promoting a product, a deal, or their brand.

Since producing window decals has been streamlined owing to printing and cutting machines, it has become cheaper to produce decals. And there is always a demand for window decals from store owners.

They use the window decals on the front windows or doors as business signage. The window decals are a way for the business to increase brand recognition by increasing brand visibility.

You can strike a deal with local stores in your area and supply them with high-quality window decals. Smaller machines can print up to 20 inches in width, but you can invest in more capable machinery as your business grows.

3. Custom T-shirts

There is a growing trend of ditching fast fashion and designing upcycled customized clothes. So, if a t-shirt business piques your interest, investing in a printer machine will yield good results.

You can use the machine to print your unique designs on the t-shirts. Other than t-shirts, you can custom print on hats, bags, socks, and other garments.

Having a high-end printer and cutter in your arsenal allows you to be more creative with the designs. As a customized clothing business, you can sell merchandise to consumers directly through various online marketplaces. In addition, you can reach out to corporates and big companies to produce their customized logo t-shirts and other merchandise.

4. Signs and Banners

Proper signage is essential for a business to increase brand visibility, awareness and to communicate with the customers. As long as there are shops in the streets, there will be demand for signage.

With the help of a printing machine like Roland BN-20, you can print banners and signs for stores as per their requirements.

Since the printers come with designing software, you can edit the banners as per the specifications to aid their current advertising campaigns.

For instance, you can fix a deal with the local supermarket to print their aisle signs and wayfinding signage.


Investing in such equipment enables one to express their creative expressions freely as you can print anything on different materials. So, if you are an artist wishing to sell your custom stickers or t-shirts on online marketplaces or an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to set up a printing business, consider investing in a good print and cut machine.


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