Product Review of Stellar Data Recovery

Product Review of Stellar Data Recovery

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Stellar Data Recovery is your one-stop solution for data recovery issues. It works across a wide range of storage devices such as desktop and laptop hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, SSD drives, SD cards, and RAID drives.

Product Review of Stellar Data Recovery

In a nutshell, Stellar takes pride in its efficient scan engine that does a thorough scan of selected storage devices. During the scanning process, it displays a preview of files and saves them to a specified location. It also features separate options in terms of retrieving documents, folders, emails, or multimedia content from storage media.

Stellar offers six different editions to its users: free edition, standard edition, professional edition, premium edition, technician edition, and toolkit edition.

Minimum Requirements

If you are ready to see the wonder of this important app, you can install Stellar in a system unit with Pentium as the minimum processor requirement. In terms of storage, though the recommended space is 250 MB, Stellar can be installed swiftly in a 4GB ram hard disk drive. The app is also compatible with previous Windows versions (7, 8, 10).

Installation Process

You can start the installation process by visiting the Stellar Data Recovery Professional product page. To have a grasp of how the application works, I advise that you start by downloading its free version which the site generously offers.

stellar data recovery main interface

When the app has been downloaded on your device, allow it to be run by the administrator and respond to the prompts depending on your preferences. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, the installation process begins.

What makes the wait bearable is the quick video tutorial on how to use the app. You can also see pertinent information presented in the prompt while the app is being downloaded.


Once the installation process is finished, click on finish. Then, visit the location of the app so you can check whether it is properly downloaded and it can finally run.

3_completing installation

You can follow these steps if your operating system is Windows 10. For detailed instructions on how to install the Stellar Data Recovery app in different operating systems and versions, you can read more here.

Main User Interface

Once you launch the app, you can observe that the first part of the user interface of Stellar Data Recovery software is minimalist in nature. It has a balance of icons and texts to guide the user on the next steps.

On the upper part, you will find the settings and other buttons for different operations. The rest of the interface prompts the user which type of data needs to be recovered and in which folder it shall be recovered.

4_what to recover

Once these points have been identified, you can start scanning the files with the deep scan button. You’ll be surprised to see your deleted files being previewed on the app.

When I used the app to retrieve my deleted photos and videos, I was surprised to see those photos I deleted months ago. I guess I had a bit of throwback feels enjoying those clips in the preview feature of the app.

5_recovery display

Speed and Capacity

If you are retrieving a large amount of data, you won’t have a hard time waiting for Stellar Data Recovery App to do its tasks especially if you have an advanced processor. However, if your unit runs on the apps’ minimum requirement like Pentium, you may anticipate that the app might not run as fast as it does on its bigger counterparts.

I also appreciate how much percentage of data the app can retrieve. As you can see on my display, the app was able to scan and retrieve almost 80% of the overall data.

6_completion scan

Overall Verdict

Why Stellar Data Recovery App Rocks and Why You Should Try It How Stellar Data Recovery App Can Be More Awesome
●     Easy to navigate      

●     Fast Installation Process

●     Wider Range of Editions

●     Manageable System Requirements           

●     30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Responsive Customer Support     

●     Set a bigger Interface for a better preview performance      

●     Improve the speed of  initializing process when being relaunched



Stellar Data Recovery App is not perfect nor the most ideal app so far; however, given the difficulty and complication of the data recovery process, I must say that this is already a handy app to start with.

We shall update this review as we try the app in different operating systems and editions. For now, you may learn more about partition recovery software i.e Stellar Data Recovery Professional.

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