Google AdSense Approval: Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Google AdSense

Google AdSense Approval: Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Google AdSense

In today’s tutorial, I would like to share about a Step by Step procedure to apply for Google AdSense. Also, read Get AdSense Approval guide before you apply for Google AdSense.If you want to apply Google AdSense for a new domain or existing domain with less than 6 months or above, just follow these steps to apply for an AdSense account.


Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Google AdSense

To apply for Google Adsense all you need to do this to follow the Steps as follows.

Step 1:

Open Google AdSense official link.

Step 2:

Click on ” Get Started Now “. For reference just see the image as follows.
 apply for google adsense step 2

Step 3:

Click on the “ Yes, Proceed to Google Account Sign in” as shown in the image as follows.

Step 4:

I always suggest you create a new account for Google AdSense and apply from the new Gmail account.
  1. If you have already created a new Gmail account then, enter your new Gmail ID and password and then click on “Sign in“.
  2. If you haven’t created a new Gmail account then create it now and Sign in.


Step 5:

I have logged in with New account that is specially created for AdSense account. After logging into the AdSense account, fill the form with the required data.
  1. Add the website URL (EX:
  2. Select the Language of your website (Ex: English – English )
  3. Then Click on “Continue


Step 6:

This is the Last step for Applying for Google AdSense. Fill the form with correct details without any confusion.
 step6-how to apply for google adsense

That’s all. You are done with the applying for Google AdSense account. Then you have to wait for the approval mail and check your mail frequently till you get an Email from Google. If you face any problems regarding AdSense approval, Applying for Adsense, etc. Let me know in your comments.

If you have any issues with your AdSense account, let us know in the below comments. We will try to solve your queries regarding AdSense.


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