5 Essential Tips for Escape from Tarkov New Players

5 Essential Tips for Escape from Tarkov New Players

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Escape from Tarkov or EFT combines roleplay and shooting with an enthralling story set in a fictional city called Tarkov in Russia.

5 Essential Tips for Escape from Tarkov New Players

There has been a conflict between the western and the Russian forces and your aim is to escape from the war zone which is filled with many private military companies or PMCs. EFT is flooded with reviews and if these reviews have enticed you to try out this game then here AimClub cover some EFT hacks that we believe can help in improving your skills before you get into the battlefield.

 Know Where the Extraction Points Are

The extraction points are important to know which is also your exit or escape point. Every map of EFT has many extraction points. You can choose from the selection based on how you wish to conduct the raid. You may need help from various players to access these extraction points. Some extraction points can be opened with a key. Some extraction points are open all the time and others are open only during some specified time. The extraction points could be cash, item, or time-sensitive. It pays to know more than one extraction point in the game.

The Map Is the Secret to Victory 

Spend time on the map because this is what is going to help you win. Beginners tend to jump from one to the other map quickly which means that they do not master any of the maps. To win the ETF your knowledge of the maps counts. From the SCAV pawns, loot locations, stashes, and extracts you should be aware of everything on the map.

By-hearting the map increases your odds of surviving in the game. If you want a headstart on improving your map knowledge, you could even check out top-quality hacks and cheatswhich can be used to help you see the map and items whilst playing to allow you to learn in a more fun way. Once you’ve got this aspect of the game understood, you can move onto things like looting and your gunplay.

Scav Runs

SCAV runs give a random loadout and you begin to take control of the SCAVS which are the AI characters. The loot that you get can be passed on to the stash if you can successfully extract it. When you play as a SCAV then this makes the game risk-free. You will not lose anything if you happen to die. The SCAVS are also friendly and they won’t attack you till you do not shoot them. The thing to note is that if you see a SCAV with a gun on his back then this is a player SCAV and is dangerous. Just go ahead and shoot it. SCAV runs have 20 minutes of cool-down time which is the time you can spend on getting comfortable with the maps and the gunplay and also financing some loot or cash. Before that ensure that you have sufficient room in your stash

Here Is How to Make Money

EFT is brutal and you will have to face instances where you may have spent money on the right loadout only to have been killed by another player who had a pistol. This is inevitable in this game. The trick here is to keep the cash flow active so that you are the player who has the pistol. Money run is a simple way to pad the wallet. Take only the limited supply with yourself on the map that you feel comfortable with and focus on ways to grab your chests and loot spots.

 Practice in the Offline Mode

The offline mode is the best to survey the map and to carry out some practice runs. It helps to improve your gaming skills. This is the right way to study the map before you plunge into the game to raid. You can play the game offline at your own pace without worrying about getting killed by the players. The offline mode also lets you try out weapons and shoot as much as you wish to since nothing gets recorded. You will still see that your ammo arsenal is intact when you get to the main menu.


It is difficult to understand the ropes of the EFT game. There are no tutorials in the game that throws on you a huge amount of armor, realism, and inventory management which can turn out to be overwhelming.

The learning curve of this game is steep and it takes time to understand the details of the game. But once you get the basics clear you start to enjoy the game in full. Start with the maps and slowly upskill yourself following the above tips to get better at the game.