5 Effective Techniques to Lose the Fear of Speaking in Public

5 Effective Techniques to Lose the Fear of Speaking in Public

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Do you have a stage fear? Are you scared of speaking in public? Then do not worry at all. In this article, we will review some of the most important and simple techniques which helps you to overcome these type of situations.

By applying these techniques in your life you will be able to speak in publish without fear, participate in conferences and your work meetings. Ultimately, you will be able to cross the line of fear.


The Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking. Its etymology comes from the Greek γλῶσσα glossa, that is, the tongue, and φόβος Phobos, fear. There are many people who suffer from it. Nowadays due to insecurity, little experience with similar moments or an insecure character, nervousness are suffering from stress.

Some speakers fail to hesitate, stumble over words, remain blank, have a too monotonous tone, do not handle body language, suffer from creative blockages or abuse the phrases in their speech, which must be consistent, well articulated and generate interest and hook in the audience to which they are directed.

5 techniques to improve your talks in public without fear

According to various studies, 75% of people experience some degree of anxiety or nervousness when faced with public speaking. To solve this problem and improve your presentation style, here are some tips that will allow you to make your presentations more effective and impactful.

Write them in writing

To practice your presentation, it is important to write the lecture or talk, either in a schematic or script. In this way, you can offer a more fluid, confident and impactful presentation. Do not forget a good storytelling and betting on a close and natural language, as with the TED talks.

Record yourself

It is always a good idea to analyse yourself. See how you would look when you are on stage and talking by recording it. Before the meeting or a conference, try recording yourself, preferably video to observe your body language and do changes if you find any. As for the audio, study what your defects, blocking moments and polish them little by little.

Request a sincere criticism

Ask someone in your environment to witness an essay and to give a honest feedback to correct your problems and give a final return to your talk or presentation before facing the audience.

Constant practice

As happens with musicians or theatre authors, the essay is the basis on which to limit insecurities, perfect your oratory and provide an impeccable presentation. Take time to delve into the content, find attractive structures to tell what you want and rehearse in front of the mirror your gestures, your prosody and your intonation.

Involve your audience

The interaction, the surprise factor, the questions and examples will serve to connect closely with your audience. Mention a person from the audience, discuss issues with them and generate direct and powerful commitment to someone present in the room, so you can better capture the attention of others.

That is it! By implementing all the above tips you will be able to lose the fear of talking in publish and gain self-confidence which you lost before. There is nothing to fear about, they are also humans after all. Everyone has their own flaws. All we can do it try ourselves and bring the best out of us. I hope this article will help you to overcome all the fear you have before. Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

Do you know any other tips on public speaking? Share them with our readers in the comment box below.